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“Besides the advantages of collaboration, support and a broader range of technological tools, we offer an association with a recognised brand that lends instant credibility and negotiating power. You should also benefit from collaboration with other franchisees, as well as structured training programmes and a value system that will grow your reputation and your clients’ trust.”

- Paul Stevens, CEO

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A sustainable and profitable business model

A sustainable and profitable business model

Property management and administration is the backbone of our franchise model. It provides a sustainable revenue stream that is more resilient in tough market conditions than property sales alone. Many of our franchisees are shareholders in the franchising business, so your interests will always be protected. Our Head Office team is made up of passionate subject matter experts; a carefully chosen group of people who deliver amazing things every day.

The power of a recognised brand

The power of a recognised brand

Just Property is a well-recognised brand in real estate. “Brand cuts through clutter. It transforms the mundane into the emotional. It raises expectations.” (Jeffrey K. Rohrs). We carefully manage our brand and how it is applied across our franchise areas and marketing collateral. This consistency maintains our corporate identity and, as a result, our brand assets stand out in the crowds.



At Just Property, we are constantly releasing new technology-based tools to enhance and streamline your business processes. This is what sets us apart from our competitors:

  • Cloud-based technology that follows you wherever you are
  • Real time metrics across all performance areas
  • Digital documentation, from marketing collateral to online credit checks and digital signing of mandates

From a single Dashboard, franchisees and property practitioners can access everything they need to perform.

Learning & development

Learning & development

eLearning is central to all we do; webinars, online courses and bite-sized learning are made available to franchisees and property practitioners every day.

  • 120+ courses
  • 500+ videos
  • 250+ documents

*Sep 2017 - Apr 2021 total of 22 300+ hours of e-Learning completed

We also host national roadshows throughout the year for both franchisees and property practitioners. These events provide the platform for collaboration and help us move towards a shared vision.

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What our franchisees say

What our franchisees say

"Thank you once again for a comprehensive meeting [with your Financial Director] over my business finances. I also just wanted to take the time to thank you for really taking the time to ensure I understand each aspect of the management accounts. Accounting is not the easiest of topics to get your head around but you explain things simply and give examples relevant to my business which I found has further simplified my understanding. Thank you for such great service, I feel so empowered!"

Siyamthanda Smith

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What our franchisees say

"Just Property stands out above the rest and this owes to our Design Department that ensures that our marketing materials are always one step ahead of our competitors. There is constant innovation and new ideas being brought to light and great support that is always ready for the next idea/ design. Our IT systems are state of the art… and get the job done much quicker... The IT systems walk hand in hand with amazing IT support... Head Office is constantly coming up with bigger and better marketing campaigns to keep the interest of the public focused solely on what we will do next. All this excites me as a Franchisee."

Yolanda Cornelius

Just Property Zululand & Dolphin Coast Franchisee

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What our franchisees say

"If you are looking to invest in a property franchise it is critical to do your homework. There are many franchise groups selling franchises and without knowing the industry intimately one might assume they are all very similar. Just Property is not the same as all the others; it has a phenomenal brand, it is a young dynamic company with a sustainable business model that keeps going from strength to strength. I can say without a doubt that Investing in my own franchise was the best decision I ever made... The support and direction our Head office provides are world-class. The business consistently provides for our staff and property practitioners as well as my own family."

Shaun Dubois

Just Property Pietermaritzburg & Midlands Franchisee

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What our franchisees say

"I have worked for various property brands and also directly for developers. When it came to the decision of which franchise group I wanted to be a part of, I immediately knew it must be Just Property. Their experience...is demonstrated in the exceptional quality of their contracts and processes, legally compliant, efficient and fair to all parties. At Just Property, the franchisee gets a fantastic offering in terms of IT, systems, training and what makes it really great is the property practitioners have access to these as well. Just Property is dynamic and ever-changing, keeping me on my toes. I love it this way!"

Ria Taljaard

Just Property Kalahari, Kimberley, and Kururman Franchisee

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What our franchisees say

"I have been part of this amazing brand and its journey since 2006. The brand and its people have always been resilient - facing challenges as a collective and coming out on top every time. As a born entrepreneur, it's a wonderful organisation to be part of. Our Head Office is continuously at the forefront of innovation… Our leaders are inspirational individuals who have taken the brand to what is undoubtedly one of the leading property companies in South Africa today. As a franchisee, you are given all the support you could ever need but also the freedom to use your own initiative and build your own empire. Our focus on values creates the type of environment where employees thrive - on a personal and business level. It is an honour and a privilege to be a part of the Just Property family - I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!"

Pieter van den Berg

Just Property N1 City Franchisee

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Just Property, our people

Our people

1000+ property practitioners and support staff

98 offices across SA and Namibia

R1.35 billion rent processed annually

12% more tenants in good standing

14.36% year on year growth in group turnover

Just Property, our partners

Our partners

Strong partnerships make us who we are. Our network of highly professional partners includes attorneys, credit bureaus, software and platform providers, insurers, bond originators and more.

Service level agreements and dedicated account managers govern relations.

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