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A Story About You & Us

According to a leading property portal, there are more than 3743 real estate agencies across South Africa.

How do you, a developer, decide which one should represent you?

And that's before you have even begun to think about contracts, attorneys, deposits and the many, many other moving parts in property sales, rentals and management.

Buying, renting, selling or letting property is a big deal. It can be expensive and risky. It's intimidating. And often frustrating.

But it doesn't have to be.

Our job, as we see it, is to bring a little more peace of mind to the world.

And we deliver on that by bringing together insights from 20+ years of experience and from the shared experiences of tens of thousands of clients who we have helped through property sales and rentals.

We've walked the road.

We've learnt the hard lessons.

We've got a track record of success.

We've got an incredible network of property specialists.

All focussed on bringing you more peace of mind.

Relax. Trust that you are in good hands.

Buy. Rent. Sell. Let.

Let's Get Your Development SOLD