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Equities versus property, which makes the most money?

Equities versus property, which makes the most money?

Is it better to invest in equities or property?   Pierre de Bruyn, Financial Adviser at PSG Wealth Northcliff, says this very common question comes up frequently, but the answer is that they are not directly comparable as they are completely different asset classes. “Choosing to invest in either asset class will depend completely on you as an investor, but it can help if you understa...(read more)

Why the first offer on a home is often the best

Why the first offer on a home is often the best

There are exceptions to the rule, but there is a very good reason why estate agents encourage sellers to seriously consider the first offer. It's not easy being an estate agent, mainly because most clients seem to believe that agents will do anything in order to make a quick buck - and this includes coercing sellers into accepting the first offer that's made on a property. You've all probably he...(read more)

When is a 30-year home loan in your best interest?

When is a 30-year home loan in your best interest?

Taking out a 30-year home loan needs to be thought through very carefully. However, there are some instances where it can work for a property owner. “There are a few instances when having a 30-year bond will benefit property owners. However, while a 30-year bond period may seem attractive, it is rarely in the financial interest of a consumer, unless the appropriate level of financial discip...(read more)

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Real Estate in South Africa

Just Property is a keystone real estate company that occupies a sizable percentage of the property market in South Africa. We were established in 2009 and have quickly become one of the most respected property service companies nationwide. Despite the challenging residential property market, we have presented growth and success.

The Experts in Real Estate: Properties to Rent & Homes for Sale

As a main player in the real estate industry, we offer friendly professional services towards sales and rentals of the residential sector as well as the commercial or industrial sectors.

Whether you have a property for sale in South Africa or simply want to find a responsible tenant, our team will always have your best interest in mind. As a proprietor, you will have the benefit of a stress free experience while your property is being taken care of by very capable hands.

For those of you who are looking to purchase or find properties to rent, our accomplished real estate agents will surely find the perfect property that is best suited for your needs. With over 100 owner operated rental franchises nationwide, finding suitable houses and flats for rent has never been easier.

Just Property also offer you our services for short term holiday rentals. Do you own a leisure property that you wish to let out? Are you looking for a holiday house? Visit our holiday property page and let our rental management team handle the stress while you sunbathe on a white sandy beach.

Just Property will satisfy all of your real estate needs. Whether it’s sales or rentals and regardless of the property types (residential, commercial, or industrial), just contact the nearest branch and let us take care of it. Let us take care of YOU.

Our qualified real estate agents are ready to service you. Call us today for a FREE evaluation for your property.

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