S03-Ep 3: Simone and Asi browse a potential property and decide if it’s a smart investment, all with the help of a Just Property agent!

S03-Ep 2: It’s time for Simone and Asi to find out if they’re pre-qualified for a home loan. Watch Episode 2 of #YourStorey Season 3 to see if it’s ‘yay’ or ‘nay’.

S03-Ep 1: Meet Simone and Asi. They’re best friends who want to be wealth partners. They’re young, driven and ready to make an investment. But it has to be a smart one. Follow them as they choose wisely and use Your Property Journey to do it.

Season 2: Join Sam as she talks about taking her first steps on her property journey.

Season 1: Remember Siya and Jules? Good. Here's Season 1 of #YourStorey. Watch them as they check out Just Property’s online tool and take the first steps on their property journey.

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