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Zanethemba Charity Foundation Visit

Karien Joubert and Andrea Stevens, two of the members from the Just Property Port Elizabeth branch, visited the Zanethemba Charity Foundation to show their support. The Zanethemba Charity Foundation is a baby haven which provides temporary safe care for abused, abandoned or neglected children from newborns to six years of age.

When the two ladies arrived at the organization, they were warmly greeted by a woman named Catherine, who is the manager of the home. She then proceeded to show the ladies around the home and gave them some information about the various projects which Zanethemba Charity Foundation was busy with for the children.

It was clear to both Karien and Andrea, that Catherine was doing a fantastic job at managing the beautiful home. The most touching as well as fun experience of the day had to be when Karien and Andrea were able to spend some quality time with the adorable babies who resided at the home. Other than the fact that the babies were so cute, it was also touching to see that these babies could still smile after everything they had endured.

The smiling faces of these underprivileged children warmed their hearts to new levels and these two beautiful ladies were incredibly grateful for the opportunity to meet such sweet children. It was a touching experience for them both and it brought them great joy to see that there were so many good people making a difference in these babies’ lives, which could have turned out to be very different if they had been left alone and abandoned by their own parents.

Zanethemba Charity Foundation VisitZanethemba Charity Foundation Visit