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Protea Child Care Centre

Mandela Day is one of the most important days for outreach in the year and Just Property Head Office chose to spend their sixty-seven minutes for Mandela Day redecorating the communal room of the Protea Child Care Centre.

The Protea Child Care Centre is a governmental organisation and functions as a place of safety for vulnerable children. It provides temporary accommodation for children between the ages of 6 to 12 years who have been removed from parental care in terms of the Child Care Act.

The staff of Just Property Head Office all donned their 67 Minutes Just Property shirts and got their paint-brushes ready when they arrived at the Protea Child Care Centre. The painting began and soon there were many calming shades of blue adorning the walls of the communal room.

The staff enjoyed the challenge and made sure that their paint job was up to the standards which all of the children who resided there deserved. Once most of the painting had been done, the staff decided to paint a big mural to add some upliftment to the room and brighten up the children’s communal hangout spot.

Once the painting had been completed, it was time to bond with the children and hand out gift packages to each of them. The children were incredibly excited when they received their gifts and the smiles on their little faces were enough reward for all of the hard labour which the staff had put into making their Mandela Day a fun day filled with joy.

Protea Child Care CentreProtea Child Care CentreProtea Child Care CentreProtea Child Care CentreProtea Child Care CentreProtea Child Care Centre