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Old Age Uplift - George

The staff members of our Just Property branch in George got some Spring Day fever and decided to use their Spring Day to spread happiness and upliftment around their local community.

What better way to spread cheer than to uplift those who stood before us and ushered in the generations of today? The staff of Just Property George made arrangements with a local high school to send their school choir to arrive with the Just Property members at the old age home and sing for the elderly residents.

The residents sat peacefully and listened intently to the young voices who sang for them. The choir performed beautifully and the residents were grateful that they had attended. After the singing, it was time for lunch and the Just Property staff got ready to hand out some delightful goodie bags that they had put together for the occasion.

Once the beautiful goodie bags had been handed out to every single resident who was present that day, the Just Property George staff could finally relax and socialize with the residents. It was important for them to get to know the people whom that had offered help to, as it made the day even more rewarding and special for everyone involved.

The visit to George’s local old age home was a great success and the staff members of Just Property George felt grateful that they had attended. They learned so much about their town’s elderly and were happy to be able to make the day so special for the residents.


Old Age Uplift - GeorgeOld Age Uplift - GeorgeOld Age Uplift - George