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Old Age Home - Vermont Knysna

The Vermont Old Age Home was established in early 1995 and was created in order to provide a safe haven for the poor, frail and elderly people who resided between the George and Port Elizabeth areas. They pride themselves on their lack of racial discrimination and the only criteria for admission is for the applicants to be old, frail and earning under R1000 a month.

The staff members of Just Property Knysna were ready to spend their Mandela Day helping the residents of Vermont Old Age Home. The preparations began with the cooking of large amounts of soup for the elderly, which took much time and energy to make, as they required 100 cups of soup in order to feed every resident at the home.

It was good fortune that they had made extra because after they had spent the day handing out the cups of soup, many of the residents came back and asked for seconds. If the delicious soup wasn’t enough to fill everyone’s bellies, the day only got better when the staff pulled out chocolate bars to hand out for dessert.

All-in-all, the day was a raging success and even though the main motive was to feed the elderly and underprivileged, the staff members had experienced a very emotional day. The time that they had spent with the residents helped them to form bonds and taught them a lot about how lucky many of us are and how important it is not to take anything for granted.

Old Age Home - Vermont KnysnaOld Age Home - Vermont KnysnaOld Age Home - Vermont KnysnaOld Age Home - Vermont KnysnaOld Age Home - Vermont KnysnaOld Age Home - Vermont Knysna