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Social Responsibility

National Slipper Day

Just Property Honeydew (which is now run by Just Property Randburg) supported National Slipper Day by putting on their comfiest slippers. National Slipper Day happens on 10 May every year. 


National Slipper Day is a campaign that was created by Reach for a Dream Foundation. On this day they encourage people from across the nation to war slippers for a day- be it to work, university or school. On this day they have the opportunity to donate R30 towards the cause and to generate awareness in the meantime. The foundation has also aimed to raise funds by selling Slipper Day wristbands and slippers on their website where people can buy and wear with pride for those who need a helping hand.   


The Reach for a Dream Foundation aims to encourage children to use their dreams to fight life-threatening diseases, and they try as far as possible to make these dreams come through. 


“Our vision is to grow the foundation to enable us to continue giving hope to children fighting life-threatening illnesses through the fulfilment of their dreams and making our national projects available to as many children as we can.”


The children's dreams reach far and wide, from meeting their favourite celebrity to flying in a helicopter because they have hopes of becoming a pilot some day. No dream is too big for the foundation to try and achieve. The number of dreams reached in a day is 6, and they have had a total number of 19 753 children’s dreams come true so far. 

National Slipper Day