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Mandela Day - Smiles all round

A sweet story

The Just Property Klerksdorp franchise decided to visit the paediatric ward of the Klerksdorp hospital. They had brown packets with pretty coloured ribbons that were full of sweets, and they handed these out to the kiddies that were in the paediatric ward. The nursing staff of the ward that take care of these kids thought that it was really sweet of JP Klerksdorp to think of them too, as they were given a sweet parcel as well. After handing out packages to the children (their parents too!) and the nursing staff, they spent some time in the ward, playing with the children, spending time chatting to the moms and nurses. This day did not only warm the hearts of the children, but all of JP staff too. A simple act of service allows people to be grateful for everything. 

Just Property Klerksdorp decided that this is how they would want to spend their Mandela Day. On Mandela Day we are encouraged to spend 67 minutes doing something for others. The 67 minutes represents the 67 years that Mandela spent fighting against Apartheid. There are many activities to partake in order to play your part. These activities include: volunteering, sport, art, education, music, culture and in this case- putting a smile on children’s faces who spend their days in hospitals. 

Klerksdorp is situated 170 km away from Johannesburg. Klerksdorp, together with Rustenburg forms the economic heart of the North West Province.  It is one of the hubs in the gold mining industry in SA, and is also positioned as notable medical, retail and educational centres in the province.

Mandela Day - Smiles all roundMandela Day - Smiles all roundMandela Day - Smiles all round