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Mandela Day - Kids Haven Benoni

Amy Fowlds and her entire team from Just Property Sandton spent the week collecting food items, old clothing, toys and books which they were to donate to Kids Haven in Benoni.

Kids Haven opened their doors for the first time back in 1992, where they started their mission to serve the homeless children as well as the children in crisis which arose from the poverty-stricken Ekurhuleni region and has been doing so ever since then.

The Just Property team had not expected to feel so at home when they walked through the front doors of the haven at the start of their day. The children who resided there were filled with love and joy for one another and their happiness was infectious.

Soon, all the staff were taking part in the many activities which were planned for the day. Whether it was singing and dancing in a big circle or hula-hooping and having fun with the kids, it was time well-spent.

By the time they were able to hand out all the goodies which they had brought with them, the children were laughing and cheering. Just when everyone thought the day couldn’t get any better, it was announced that a shareholder had sponsored R10 000 worth of meat and vegetables for Kids Haven.

Seeing the gratitude on the children’s young faces was reward enough for all of the efforts put into making the day a reality. The staff members of Just Property Benoni were indeed grateful for the beautiful and uplifting experience.

Mandela Day - Kids Haven BenoniMandela Day - Kids Haven BenoniMandela Day - Kids Haven Benoni