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Mandela Day - Helping those who help others

Making a difference

The HospiceWits shop in Orange Grove was robbed a few weeks ago after they had a big fund-raiser. Damage was done and all the money they had raised was taken along with other items. 


The Hospice Association of the Witwatersrand was started in September 1979. A Johannesburg couple started the association when they realised that there was a need for Hospice care in their community. Today, they have more than 125 full-time staff who work for them. This includes doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists and spiritual counsellors. As an NPO, they have to raise their own funds and the only way they do this is through their HospiceWits shops.


Just Property Killarney thought it would be a great idea to partner with HospiceWits to help them restock their shop and in any other way we could. 


They made contact with Carren at Hospice, and she was very grateful for the request to assist them. They sent out a flyer to all their landlords, tenants and other contacts and managed to collect a lot of "previously loved goods" and even some money. It was so great that even a tenant of theirs son had to do community service in the holidays assisted them to collect items, and he managed to collect 4 black bags a big toy box of items for the drive. On Monday 18 July Just Property Killarney loaded up their van and delivered all the goods to HospiceWits in Houghton where they were blown over with the collection.

Mandela Day - Helping those who help othersMandela Day - Helping those who help othersMandela Day - Helping those who help others