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Social Responsibility

Mandela Day - Creating better lives

Just Property Paarl & Wellington have pledged this year to AHOS (Athlone House Of Strength).   

Just Property Paarl/Wellington have chosen AHOS to do their pledge on Mandela day. AHOS *Athlone House of Strength: AHOS is registered as a Non –profit Organisation, W.O. No. 015547. The idea of a “shelter which encompasses a holistic approach to the plight of abused woman and children and goes beyond attending to the immediate physical and emotional needs of the victim. Its fundamental purpose is the empowerment and re-integration of the victims into society. Just Property Paarl/Wellington in association with PEST Dude have pledged two treatments and ongoing maintenance for the whole facility for the remainder of 2016. Just Property also donated basic essentials such as toiletries, bedding and clothing and have communicated to our circles to continuously make donations for this worthwhile organization.

Mandela Day - Creating better lives