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Mandela Day - Children's fun day

There are many ways for people to give back to the community. It was important for all Just Property members to find the best way they could honour Nelson Mandela on his birthday. Just Property Margate chose to place their focus on bringing joy to children for Mandela Day.

What better way to bring the community together and keep the local children entertained than to host a Children’s Fun Day?

The staff at Just Property Margate organized the entire event, from renting a jumping castle to ensuring the grounds were decorated with our bright Just Property colours as well as arranging gifts for all the children who attended.

Each staff member worked at the fun day as well as had a hand in the arrangements for the day itself. There was already much excitement before the day had even begun.

Everyone was blessed with beautiful, clear skies and pleasantly warm weather. When the children arrived, they were greeted with cheerful smiles and plenty of activities to keep the energy of the day at peak levels.

The children indulged in a day of face painting, bouncing around together on the jumping castle, playing games together and receiving gifts from the generous staff members.

Once all the gifts had been handed out and the children were tuckered out from the excitement of the day, it was time for everyone to pack up and go home with the knowledge that they had truly spent Mandela Day in the best way they could and that they had lived up to the values which Nelson Mandela had so strongly believed in.

Mandela Day - Children's fun dayMandela Day - Children's fun dayMandela Day - Children's fun dayMandela Day - Children's fun dayMandela Day - Children's fun dayMandela Day - Children's fun day