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Mandela Day - Bringing smiles to the pediatric unit.

Just Property George is one of our many franchises. They are situated along the Garden Route midway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The town is surrounded by the beautiful Outeniqua mountain range and the lakes, rivers and the Indian Ocean give this region its beauty and serenity. George is such a popular holiday destination with its top-rated golf courses, wonderful beaches, biking, adventure excursions and hiking activities it also offers bed and breakfast, self-catering and hotel accommodation of exceptional luxury and beauty.


This town is popular for many reasons. They have a light industrial sector, consisting of timber and agricultural manufacturing. There are excellent medical facilities at their Provincial Hospital as well as private medical care and clinics. 


Just Property George has decided that for Nelson Mandela Day, that they would like to go to the George Hospital’s Paediatric Unit. On this day, they handed out gifts and a treat to all the sick kiddies in the ward. This proved to be quite a challenge as some of the kiddies have special dietary needs. In the end, they got permission to give them each a toy and some Nik Naks. 


On Mandela Day most of the team from the office went to visit these kids and handed out their little presents. There were 40 of them on the day, and they were lucky enough to receive gifts such as soft toys, colouring books with crayons included to draw pretty pictures, puzzles, building blocks, you name it! The disbelief and joy of these kids touched them deeply and again reminded them that we are so very blessed.

Mandela Day - Creating better livesMandela Day - Creating better livesMandela Day - Creating better lives