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Knysna - Night Run Water Point

The Knysna Marathon Club hosted their infamous “Nite Run” which is a 10km run which happens at the end of the year, followed by a 4.8km fun run for the runners who are extra enthusiastic about the sport. This year, the run was to be held along Water Point.

As a show of support for the Knysna Marathon Club along with their local community, Just Property Knysna’s staff members decided to attend the Nite Run and set up their branded, blue and yellow stands where they could hand out cups of water to the thirsty runners passing by.

The team got together nice and early for the race and prepared their branded Just Property stands as well as the many bottles of water which they were preparing to hand out to the exhausted runners that were doing a 10km run.

The air was filled with excitement as the runners prepared to begin the race. The darkness only made everything more interesting and once the race began, the Just Property members got ready for action.

As the runners came by, the Just Property staff members enthusiastically handed out water until everyone had finished the race. Overall, the run was an absolute success and everyone was grateful for the water during as well as after the race.

The Just Property Knysna team felt grateful to have attended and that their time was well spent. It was a wonderful experience and they all felt excited to show their support for the Knysna community once again.

Knysna - Night Run Water PointKnysna - Night Run Water PointKnysna - Night Run Water Point