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Givers Gain - Potjiekos Competition

Nothing shows as much pride in our beautiful country as a potjiekos competition. The members of Just Property Port Elizabeth brought their proudly-South-African attitude when they partnered with Greyvensteins Attorneys to host a potjiekos competition.

The competition was organized in order to raise money for the Givers Gain Charity Foundation in partnership with Greyvensteins Attorneys.

The Givers Gain Charity Foundation is an ongoing charity drive which raises money for nine non-profit organisations through various events and was conceptualised by Greyvensteins Attorneys. Since 2013, the campaign has raised over R1,7 million for Port Elizabeth charities.

The competition was set in a beautiful area, thick with trees and indigenous foliage. Bright balloons in the Just Property colours adorned the centre table, which had been decorated to accommodate all of the potjies made during the competition.

The day was very relaxing and all who attended felt at ease while they cooked away and enjoyed socializing with their fellow colleagues as they waited for their prized potjiekos to be ready for tasting.

Although the judges had made their verdict, everyone felt like a winner that day. Every last potjie tasted delicious as it was shared with all who attended and the real aim was to raise money for charity, which everyone had achieved.

Overall, the day was a huge success and everyone felt happy to have attended. However, the best part of the day was being able to donate the earnings to charity as it left a warm feeling in the hearts of everyone who attended.

Givers Gain - Potjiekos CompetitionGivers Gain - Potjiekos CompetitionGivers Gain - Potjiekos CompetitionGivers Gain - Potjiekos CompetitionGivers Gain - Potjiekos Competition