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Social Responsibility

Bramleys Childrens Home

Bramleys Children’s Home, a residential care facility for traumatised and abused children, was visited by the Just Property staff of Brooklyn and Rietondale in order to honour Just Property’s Social Responsibility Initiative and help give back to the community.

On arrival, the staff were given a tour of the premises which had been established in 1960 by the late Mr. Bramley. The property consisted of four separate buildings which each contained between 12 to 15 children. The staff were amazed to discover that the facility had become home to 54 children of all races, all between the ages of 6 and 18.

The day was packed with activities, which included a relaxing braai where Just Property staff could bond with the children as well as the staff of the Bramleys Children’s Home.

After the braai, some fun entertainment was provided to both Just Property and Bramleys Children’s Home. Once everyone felt comfortable and cheerful, it was time for the staff to hand out gifts to the children.

The children were delighted to receive a beautifully-embroidered blanket each. The blankets were tailored specifically to the child which it would be gifted to, with their name sewn onto it in Just Property’s cheerful blue and yellow colours.

Just Property Brooklyn and Rietondale staff learned the valuable lesson that day. They realised that the smallest forms of outreach could make a big difference to the lives of the underprivileged. Seeing the cheerful faces of the children which they had bonded with during their visit had been an enlightening experience for everyone involved.

Bramleys Childrens HomeBramleys Childrens HomeBramleys Childrens Home