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Rentals and management have
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We are the leading rental agency in #SouthAfrica so we know what it takes to keep both landlords and tenants happy and it's not easy.

Just Property has dominated the South African rental market for over 20 years and has become a trusted and recognised brand. Not only do we also have best-in-class technology and systems, but we also have the financial reserves needed to make deals happen.

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Are you bogged down by:

  • Incoming and outgoing inspections that consume your time
  • Rental deposits to manage safely and in accordance with the law
  • Lease agreements to keep up to date with changing legislation
  • Maintenance issues and subcontractors to manage
  • And more

Let us take the pressure off of you...

Reasons why you can trust Just Property to handle your rental book:

  • We are an experienced franchisor with 20+ years of experience in letting
  • Our franchises manage more rental properties on average than other brands
  • Our default ratios and collection rates are better than national trends
  • Our systems are geared to protecting our clients’ property investments, from damage deposits to maintenance
Reasons why you can trust Just Property to handle your rental book

Join the dynamic brand that's proudly South African

Just Property, our tech

Our tech

Cloud-based technology, accessed by our property practitioners via a central dashboard means our systems are integrated, that data is safe and that we are able to serve our clients effectively.

This tech is delivered by an in-house team of developers and support property practitioners.

Just Property, our people

Our people

1000+ property practitioners and support staff

98 offices across SA and Namibia

R1.35 billion rent processed annually

12% more tenants in good standing

14.36% year on year growth in group turnover

Just Property, our partners

Our partners

Strong partnerships make us who we are. Our network of highly professional partners includes attorneys, credit bureaus, software and platform providers, insurers, bond originators and more.

Service level agreements and dedicated account managers govern relations.

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