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Marketing your house during the dry hot summer

Marketing your house during the dry hot summer

21 November 2016

Marketing your House during the Dry Hot Summer

Many Sellers are up in arms,  as they have been waiting for winter to pass, to start marketing their homes, just to be disillusioned by immediate Level 3 Water Restrictions.

A dry colourless garden with hardly any sign of life, is not exactly the best marketing tool. Unfortunately many of these gardens in the older established areas in the Northern Suburbs,  are exactly the reason why buyers  prefer these properties and the garden itself is a huge attraction - often more than the house itself.

It is therefore extremely important to try and make the best of the garden even in this drought period:

  • Watering of pots with a bucket or water container, is not prohibited: Therefore, forget about trying to save your lawn and flower beds: Buy or position a few colourful pots with seedlings like Petunias at eye-catching focus areas around your house like 2 pots at your front door, 2 pots on your drive way, a few pots around your pool and on your outside patio. Stick to one theme and one colour arrangement eg. plant only purple, white and red petunias in all pots to make a definite statement and to add drama and emphasis on these areas. You will soon be complemented over your colourful garden and start forgetting about the rest of the garden dying slowly.
  • As the plants suffer from the drought, cut /prune them back as short and neat as possible to save these plants.
  • Buy colourful pebbles and other water wise ground covers to cover unsightly bare patches in your garden.
  • There are certain ground covers and creepers that are simply extremely well-adapted fir droughts and which can survive and actually grow in windy, dry conditions with minimum attention, water and fertilizer.
  • Stop buying those foreign plants that are not indigenous and use to Cape Town’s long dry summers and even longer soaking wet winters: Plant Proteas and other indigenous plants which can easily overcome a drought as they are used to these extremes.
  • If you intend to commence marketing in the next 5 months, take outside photos of your house and garden immediately while the lawn is still green and you still have some colour in the garden.( letting is done by a professional photographer who specialises in property shoots, is the best option and they are surprisingly affordable. Ask your estate agent for referrals.)
  • When you do plant, try and group plants of the same species and which requires the same amount of water, closely together.
  • Take as much attention off the lawn and the rest of the garden with the above-mentioned colourful pots, colourful cushions on outside chairs, colourful umbrellas next to the pool, colourful towels, laying  the patio table with a colourful table cloth and putting down some glasses, coloured water in a glass jar and spreading some magazines on the table to create a homely outside atmosphere which doesn’t require any water.

Follow the above guidelines, and avoid a poor offer on your house because the Purchaser feels the garden leaves nothing to the imagination……