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@ Just Property- Oudtshoorn We provide clients with access to the best of both worlds. From security complexes to retirement villages, superb
residential properties and farms, we cater for the young, old and the bold. From renting to selling a property, we cater for each individual’s unique needs.
As currency depreciation is currently a real concern, and property is generally a low-risk, high profit investment, the basis of building wealth and investing has
now more than ever shifted to having a secure and well maintained property in a desirable location.
# Oudtshoorn: Oudtshoorn was named after the daughter of “Baron Pieter van Rheede van Oudtshoorn”, who after being appointed as Governor of the Dutch
Cape Colony in 1772, died aboard ship in 1773 enroute to Cape Town. The Town’s most famous resident, Cornelis Jacobus Langenhoven (1873 – 1931),
was considered one of the fathers of Afrikaans and thus the predominant language in Oudtshoorn is Afrikaans, spoken as home language of 87,8% of
inhabitants. His home “Arbeidsgenot” is still one of the biggest attraction in Oudtshoorn. Today Oudtshoorn is a large town that relies mostly on tourism,
farming and the ostrich industry. .
The Heart of Africa’s unique natural diversity resides in the Klein Karoo which is situated 350 km east of Cape Town, between the Swartberg
Mountains in die North, and the Outeniqua Mountains in the South. Oudtshoorn, known for the spectacular Cango Caves, the famous Cango
Wildlife Ranch and a myriad of adventures and activities serves as the portal to this amazing kingdom. Our unique climate ensures healthy living
and our proximity to George ensures world class access to Airport, healthcare and other essential infrastructure. Our schools are well known
for fostering bright minds and sportsmen and form an integral part of our community.
The Oudtshoorn region contains the world’s largest population of ostriches and with the worldwide shortage on olive oil, production in the Little Karoo region with
its Mediterranean climate, (winter rainfall and hot dry summers) is becoming a very lucrative investment for farmers. We are not only well known as the Ostrich
Capital of The World but also for our Cultural diversity reflected by the Oudtshoorn National Arts Festival, Klein Karoo Klassique, Attekwas MTB race
and other events. This diversity ensures a consistent return on tourism and related investment property.
Property in Oudtshoorn varies from Historical sandstone gems to ultra-modern projects, security complexes and everything in between and is surrounded by
the most beautiful and fertile farm lands. Copyright © Alet de Necker 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Just Property will assist you in either finding or selling that special gem that reflects your lifestyle, passion and dreams. Our integrity, dedication and
professionalism is guaranteed and we will guide and assist you every step of the way. In addition to property trade, our rental management service ensures piece
of mind and hassle free income for the Lessor whilst offering the Lessee remarkable living spaces and support.
Ensure your place is paradise now by contacting the experts @ Just Property
in Oudtshoorn now!

About the Area

Oudtshoorn Property

Oudtshoorn offers a wide range of property options in the Little Karoo, giving families and singles the opportunity to live, work in, and enjoy the simplicity and friendliness of the Oudthsoorn lifestyle.

Oudtshoorn is renowned for a wide variety of attractions ranging from a yearly national arts festival called the KKNK, celebrating South Africa’s wide cultural heritage, the ancient Cango Caves, boasting beautiful caverns and limestone crystal formations, as well as a prestigious array of ostrich palaces and heritage sites dating back to the early 1900’s.

Historically, it is the ostrich that is responsible for the overnight growth and fortune of Oudtshoorn. This huge flightless bird, with a brain no bigger than pea, is indigenous to Africa, and flourishes in the Karoo’s dry environment. When fully grown, the bird produces large exquisite feathers, which were used to make magnificent high fashion items such at hats and boas. This fad had become extremely popular in Britain and Europe in the late 1800’s and as such, ostrich feathers were exported at very high prices to meet this new demand. This drew many people looking for new fortune and caused an economic boom resulting in the growth of numerous ostrich farms all over the countryside. The cumulative feather-based wealth also gave rise to the development of large opulent feather palaces of architectural grandeur influenced by art-nouveau designs. These magnificent sandstone structures can be found in and around Oudtshoorn and are a grand visible icons of the regions rich heritage.

Culturally, Oudtshoorn is also known as one of the homes of the Afrikaans language. The towns most famous resident was Cornelis Jacobus Langenhoven (1873-1931), considered to be one of the father’s of Afrikaans. He is best known for the wide array of literature that he penned of which the country’s national anthem (prior to 1994) Die Stem van Suid-Afrika is probably the most famous. Today, the Afrikaans section of the South African national anthem still resounds with the words that he wrote. Langenhoven’s home, Arbeitsgenot, is a national monument. Today, after, following his cultural lead, Oudtshoorn hosts South Africa's largest Afrikaans language arts festival, called The Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees (Little Karoo National Arts Festival), that takes place annually in Oudtshoorn over the April school vacation for a week attracting more than 100,000 people.

Oudtshoorn Today
Today Oudtshoorn is an eclectic mix of culture, heritage, food, and warm hospitality. The town has 87,000 residents and relies mostly on tourism, farming, and the traditional ostrich farming industry for most of its economic activity. Besides being the ostrich capital of the world, Oudtshoorn does well to cater for its residents.

Schooling: Oudthsoorn has a good schooling infrastructure, with many public schools, both academic and technical, as well one or two private alternatives. A college of higher education ensures that the community is kept well trained and equipped with a range of courses.
Working: Oudthsoorn is a town of entrepreneurs. Moving to Oudthsoorn in the hope of finding a job is not common practice. People with some investment capital usually leave the business of city life and buy or start a small business that can give them the monthly cash flow they need to enjoy the simplicity and tranquility of Oudtshoorn life. Because of the large array of tourist attractions and beauty of the surrounding region, there always many travelers coming into the town, warranting any number of business opportunities. Please read the following article called Why Oudtshoorn? for the economic opinions of a recent resident to the Oudtshoorn community.
Living: Oudtshoorn a quiet lifestyle of family and friendship. People are warm, neighbourly and down to earth. Children are safe to walk to a friends house, and most people do not even have to worry to lock their car or house at night. There is a general respect for one another and value for life that is unrivaled with big cities. On any given day, driving around town, one is sure to find many smiles, hello’s and waves from people that you have met. It is truly a pleasant place to live.
Shopping: Oudtshoorn has everything that you could need for normal life. There is a growing town mall and a buzzing main street where most of the well known retail can be found. Stores like Woolworths, Markham, Pick n Pay, and Vodacom are all present in Oudtshoorn. Oudtshoorn’s shops are about 5 minutes drive from every suburb, and you will never have to worry about parking or traffic. And if you want to do bigger shopping or need access to facilities like an airport, George, a large coastal city is just 40 minutes drive away.
Worshipping: Oudthsoorn is a very religious community and has a church for less than every 1000 people. There is a large Jewish community that meets at a local synagogue as well as a growing Muslim community with Mosques beginning to pop up in and around the town. No matter what your religious disposition, you are sure to find a community of people that you can worship with in your preferred way.
Playing: Socially, people enjoy spending time with their family at home watching movies or playing a game, and at times will go out to a restaurant or have dinner at friends. The night life in Oudtshoorn is fairly relaxed as well, with a few pubs and bars selling bear and showing the sport on weekends. There are one or two places where you can shake your hips and get your groove on, however clubbing is not really a large part of Oudtshoorn culture. For the more adventurous, there are many fun things to do like horse riding, hiking, mountain biking, kloofing, and even ostrich riding. And because of the many tourists that visit the area, there are a wide variety of fun things to do and places to visit. And if all fails, you can just pop over to George for the day and enjoy the many beaches, malls, and … it had to offer.

Oudtshoorns only negative is its extreme climate. The summers are long and hot with temperatures sometimes reaching above 40 degrees Celsius. Some however enjoy this aspect of the region because of their distaste for the cold and wet conditions of most of the rest of the Western Cape region. Oudtshoorn can get extremely cold in winter, but this fortunately this does not last very long, and before you know it, Spring is in the air again.


Oudtshoorn properties varies from historic houses, to modern family homes, to garden cottages and blocks of flats. Although Oudtshoorn is situated in the heart of the Klein Karoo, the George National airport is only 80km away.

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