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The Top 10 Rental Features That Will Attract Lekker Tenants

The Top 10 Rental Features That Will Attract Lekker Tenants

01 April 2020

In order to find the best tenants possible, you need to know what these tenants look for in a rental property. From 19 years of experience in the rental industry and both landlord and tenant feedback, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 Rental Features That Will Attract Lekker Tenants.

The more boxes you can tick, the better your chances of attracting that 'lekker' tenant:

Property Features

Property Location

  • Safe and/or secure property
  • Well priced
  • Recently upgraded
  • Move-in ready
  • Appliances included
  • Close to workplaces
  • Close to good schools
  • Close to amenities
  • Easy access to transport routes 
  • Good neighbourhood


  1. Safe
    Every person wants to feel safe in their home. Our recent “Why Do Tenants Move?” survey showed that 30% of respondents were prompted to move to their current homes for better security. Invest in your rental property by upgrading your security and you will start attracting higher quality, long-term tenants. Lekker!

  2. Well Priced
    The price you set as your rental can make or break your investment. Set your rental too high and your tenants may choose a more competitively priced property. Set it too low and they may think it’s a scam or that there is something wrong with the property. Price it right and you’ll get a decent return on your investment and you’ll attract more 'lekker' tenants to choose from. 

  3. Recently Upgraded
    There are cost-effective ways to upgrade your investment property without breaking the bank! A fresh coat of paint, changing the handles on your cupboards or changing up the light fixtures can be very effective. It’s the little details that make a house feel like a home, and it is the simplest upgrades that can make the most impact! 'Lekker' tenants appreciate finishing touches. See more tips to enhance your property here.

  4. Move-In-Ready 
    Units that still need to be repaired, painted or floored can be seen as annoying or disruptive. 'Lekker' tenants will take care of your property, and if you provide a move-in-ready place that is clean and tidy, they know that their standards will be met. First impressions last a very long time, make sure it counts. 

  5. Appliances Included 
    When leasing a property, tenants have to take care of many expenses such as a month’s rent for the security deposit and the first month’s rent as well. Having a stove, fridge or washing machine in your property is a very attractive prospect to tenants and that can mean they will be willing to pay more rent for these amenities.

  6. Close To Workplaces
    'Lekker' tenants will look for a rental that is not too far away from their place of employment. Lifestyle plays a big role when tenants are looking for a property and an hour-long drive to work does not sound ideal. The more desirable the location, the better the tenants you’ll attract. 

  7. Close To Good Schools
    For tenants with children or who want children in the near future, the schools located around the property are extremely important. The quality of schools in and around the suburb is also a great indication of the quality of the neighbourhood. And this is something that will also attract tenants without children. Invest in property surrounded by desirable schools and you can secure a higher rental income, and 'lekker', long-term tenants. 

  8. Close to Amenities
    A property that is located close to amenities such as a clinic or doctor, a mall or grocery store or even a petrol station is more desirable than one that is remote! But remember, being close-by can come with negatives like noise.

  9. Easy Access To Transport Routes 
    Properties that are close to main roads and public transport lines are desirable as there is a massive population in South Africa that uses and depends on public transport, not just for themselves but for their children too. Using public transport is normal for many foreigners too. 

  10. Good Neighbourhood 
    When looking for a rental, the neighbourhood plays as big of a role as the actual house does. A 'lekker' tenant knows that the neighbourhood they stay in will determine their lifestyle quality. When purchasing your investment property, speak to your agent about the quality of the neighbourhood - they are your area experts! 

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