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Suburb focus on Thesen Islands

Suburb focus on Thesen Islands

The perfect place to escape the city and rediscover the relaxed, small town vibe that many yearn for.

Do you long for the good old days when there was less traffic, less noise and a greater sense of community? The days when you knew all your neighbours – everyone who lives on your street, not just next to you – by name. That is the kind of environment you can still expect from Knysna’s Thesen Islands. It’s the perfect place to escape the city and rediscover the relaxed, small town vibe that many yearn for.


The multi-award-winning marina development is located in the scenic Knysna estuary on the beautiful Garden Route. Thesen Islands covers over 90ha and comprises 19 man-made islands linked by arched bridges, and is surrounded by 25ha of tidal waterways. The islands are linked by a causeway and bridge to the mainland and are within easy reach of the waterfront, yacht harbour and the Knysna town centre.

While the atmosphere in the area is far from what we’re used to in the cities, there’s still some hustle and bustle – Thesen Islands may be laid-back, but it’s not sleepy. Residents here enjoy a warm sense of community and a coastal ambiance.

However, there is more to the islands than just great community spirit; you have your pick of outdoor activities, fine dining, water sports, world-class shopping and beautiful scenery.

Potential residents have a variety of homes to choose from; there are many individual homes, as well as apartment units which are known as the Dry Mill apartments. Knysna’s long-time maritime and forestry tradition is reflected in the design of these buildings, providing real street appeal.

Thesen Islands was planned with residents in mind; the very design of the development aims to provide the highest quality of life. There is a 30km/h speed limit, and while cars are used, many residents choose to go for a stroll rather than drive. An everyday scene in Thesen Islands features residents out and about, socialising with their neighbours, and kids playing outside, with everyone enjoying the relaxed yet secure environment.

The commercial hub of Thesen Islands, Thesen Harbour Town, consists of various speciality stores, boutiques, restaurants, cafes and more.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Thesen Islands estate and marina, together with its Harbour Town, has, for the third year running, been awarded Blue Flag status – evidence of the conservation philosophy that is so prevalent here.

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