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22 June 2020 | Advice, Sellers

Steps Of Home Selling

You're thinking about selling your house. That's great! But now what?

Take a moment to imagine what's involved in selling your house. Call an agent. Market. Sell. Simple, right?

Most people who want to sell their home dream of a hassle-free process where they list their house, find the perfect buyer, get the cash and then hand over the keys. But in reality, it is more complicated and time-consuming than that. Which is why we decided to make a list for you of "The Immediate Next Steps" you need to take. 

  1. Find the right agent
    It's not easy to choose someone to represent you when it comes to selling your property. Everyone is promising the same thing: a quick sale, the best price, value & services you can trust. View our blog post that outlines our top 5 tips for choosing an estate agent that's #JustRight for you.

  2. Sign a mandate
    This is mandatory. Without signing a mandate, real estate professionals will not be able to market your property. We need your written permission and you need to get the full picture of everything your agent will do for you to earn their commission! 

  3. Cancel your bond
    If you have a bond, you need to cancel it in writing. Check in with your bank first to see if cancellation fees apply and what they need to accept your cancellation request.

  4. Calculate your costs carefully
    It's more than just the agent's commission and it's probably more than you think. There are many fees that sellers often aren't aware of, such as compliance certificates (electrical, gas, beetle, electric fence and water installation). Other costs include your municipal rates and levies (if applicable) being settled in full. If a bond is linked to your property, attorney cancellation fees are something that you need to prepare for as well. Download this #free infographic for more information.

  5. Be FICA compliant 
    Make sure that you have the following documents at hand: 
    • A copy of your South African ID or passport
    • Proof of address (such as utility bills that are in your name). These need to be not older than 3 months
    • A copy of a SARS document, confirming your tax number 
    • A bank statement showing and confirming your individual banking details
    • A copy of your marriage certificate and ANC (only if applicable)

  6. Collect additional documentation
    In the case of a Sectional Title or HOA, the following documents will be required by your agent to honestly and professionally market your property to potential buyers:
    • Your latest levy account in the complex
    • The managing agent's contact information or (if there is no managing agent) the contact details of the Body Corporate Chairperson or another Trustee will be needed
    • Information of any "Exclusive Use Areas" which are tied to your sectional title unit 

All of this is summarised in a convenient checklist. Download a copy of the Seller's To Do list now.

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