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Space saving hacks for a small bedroom

Space saving hacks for a small bedroom

Say goodbye to overcrowded cupboards and choc-full drawers with a few key ways to welcome in a bit of order.

Often there simply isn’t as much space as we’d like in our bedrooms, and the resulting chaos can be unsightly as well as difficult to live with. Here's how you can welcome in a bit of order:

Under-bed storage:

Although it seems obvious, many beds don’t come with built-in storage facilities underneath. It’s a perfect place however for everything from linen and blankets to toys, sports equipment, books, shoes, boots and winter woollies. The two easiest ways to address this situation – if you are amongst the “have-nots” – are either to buy a bed with readymade built-in drawers, or to get one made. There are many examples on the web and You Tube clips showing different designs and how to convert an existing bed into one with underneath storage. Do some research before making any final decisions, as drawer sizes and styles will depend on what you intend to store. Long slim-line drawers are ideal for storing shoes in racks for example, while deeper drawers would work better for children’s toys. If you are having something made, choose good fittings – the sliders and hinges in particular can make all the difference between drawers that are a pleasure to use, and a pain.

A multi-purpose headboard:

When it comes to storage the headboard is another bedroom feature that is often overlooked. A multipurpose headboard can offer everything from shelves and drawers to built-in lighting. For those rooms where there is no space for bedside tables, a headboard with shelves can also offer an overnight storage space for things such as a glass of water or reading glasses. A multipurpose headboard doesn’t mean you have to lose the comfort of a backrest either – the headboard can stretch to the ceiling, and shelving can be built around a backrest.

Capacious nightstand:

Many bedside tables don’t offer much storage and some offer none at all. For bedrooms where space is an issue, ditch the conventional nightstand and substitute it with one that offers generous drawers and/or shelving. Consider also creating a charging station in a nightstand drawer – drill a hole in the back, slip a cord and plug through it and leave the adaptor in the drawer – goodbye messy chargers and cables.

Storage ottoman:

Use an ottoman, with storage space, as a seat at your desk or dressing table and use it for anything from handbags to sports shoes. Similarly a large storage ottoman at the foot of your bed can offer more space, and a comfy place for a morning tea tray.

Small Stuff:

  • Divvy up those drawers
    Drawer organisers often create a lot more space in existing drawers, whether its clothes, toiletries or jewellery.

  • File your T’s
    Store clothing items such as T-shirts and winter jerseys packed tightly together and upright in drawers. That way you can see at a glance what you have, instead of digging to the bottom of the pile.

  • Go up
    Think up not out if you’re challenged for space. Floating shelves create help create an uncluttered look and sense of space, and can be installed as high up a wall as you like.

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