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Outdoor and garden solar lighting for your home

Outdoor and garden solar lighting for your home

Solar lights are one of the recent and perhaps less known developments in the green industry, as well as in the lighting industry.

Solar lights follow on from the already popular solar technology that is currently being used by people all over the world. They are great for outdoor areas at home and for public settings alike, providing stable light without the hassle of connecting wires.

With this lighting, you won’t be left in the dark when power outages occur. This is just one reason why it is worth changing the way that you light your garden, the outside of your home and parking areas.

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What are solar lights?

As with all of the other solar powered appliances and devices, solar lights are rechargeable products powered by the sun. These are powered by a photovoltaic system, which includes a solar panel to catch solar light during the day.

This lighting is most commonly used outdoors, where the light can charge for an entire day.

Outdoor garden lights can be placed anywhere in the garden, unlike conventional lighting that requires wiring and therefore a little more consideration and planning.

Outdoor solar lights are an ideal option if you are looking for cost effective security lighting or an effective way to light your path at night. This form of lighting can also be decorated in certain ways, adding a certain aesthetic appeal to your landscape.

Solar street lights and lighting for parking areas are a good option to look at when you want an environmentally friendly and affordable way to provide enough lighting to brighten dark areas.

Solar lights have also been used to light billboards at night.

As solar lights are known to be used as decorative features, this form of lighting comes in all kinds of designs and colours. This is what makes these lights great for parties and other get-togethers.

How do solar lights work?

With the PV system attached, solar lights generate their own electricity in the exact way that other solar power is made. To put it simply, when the sun shines on the panel, the electrons become, for want of a better word, excited. This process is what generates the power that keeps the light shining throughout the night.

The system also includes a solar battery to store power. The panel is far smaller than the one you’d normally see on a solar PV system on top of a property’s roof. In this case, the panel is usually small enough to fit the top of the light.

The following morning, when the light energy has run out, the process will repeat itself all through the day and be recharged and ready to light up again the next night.

Why use solar lighting?

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to light an area without having to keep paying for the energy or dealing with the wiring and installation of the devices, then solar lighting is a better option.

Solar lighting is basically free lighting because once the initial setup is done, you will never have to pay for the light that you get. Free lighting to massive areas is certainly worth it once you have decided to install these lights.

Reasons to go for solar lighting

1. The energy is 100% free, clean and renewable.

2. You don’t have to worry about the lighting being damaged. These devices are made from durable materials.

3. If you’re already looking for a way to make your entire lifestyle green, then this is another step you can take.

4. Solar lights can be installed just about anywhere, so long as they can receive sunlight.

5. The installation process is wonderfully simple and you’ll be able to do it yourself.

6. You’ll be saving on your monthly electricity costs because you won’t be paying out anything extra each month to have this lighting.

Solar lights, along with solar geysers and systems, are the more cost-effective option to go with, and in the long run, you’re going to be happy that you made the decision to install these versatile lights.

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