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National Head Office Newsletter February 2018

National Head Office Newsletter February 2018

06 February 2018

Message from our CEO

The water crisis in both the Eastern and Western Cape continues to be at the forefront of our minds and we are starting to see the impact of this situation on the property market. I was recently asked to comment on this emerging trend for the Weekend Argus. In summary, I anticipate that properties with “off-the-grid” access to resources (e.g. boreholes) will increasingly demand premium prices, we will see increased semi-migration to areas where water is less scarce (e.g. as evidenced by Old Mutual’s recent call to its Western Cape employees to temporarily stay upcountry with friends and relatives) and people will increasingly consider properties that make fewer demands on natural resources (e.g. properties with small or no gardens). We are mindful of depth and breadth of the impact of this crisis and I have no doubt that we will see its ripple effects for a long time yet.

Paul Stevens 

- CEO of Just Property Group Holdings PTY Ltd


What Can You Buy For R1.5 Million?

National Head Office Newsletter February 2018.

National Head Office Newsletter February 2018  

Creating Wealth through… SIMPLICITY

Our agents often advise sellers and landlords to declutter in order to make a property more appealing. But this is something that is good for everyone. You are guaranteed to love the spaces you live in much more if you have decluttered them. But where do you start? We think these 5 golden rules will help to get you started.

Done with decluttering and ready to take the next step? This checklist can help you make your home attractive to prospective buyers. Even if you are not selling right now, use it to make your spaces more attractive to you. So many of us make our homes look their best just before we move out. Why is that?

Here’s our Home Preparation Checklist

National Head Office Newsletter February 2018  

Creating Wealth through… SUSTAINABILITY

Rainwater harvesting

It makes sense to talk about rainwater harvesting here, even if you live upcountry and it’s raining cats and dogs around you. Our reality across South Africa is that the country’s water harvesting infrastructure is lagging behind urban demand. If each one of us makes an effort to harvest rainwater, the collective impact could be enormous. Here are 23 Awesome Rainwater Harvesting Ideas that you can make a start with immediately.

Rallying together

In the short-term, our Head Office has called on all agents to support former Springbok captain Jean de Villiers who has called on South Africans to rally together. He is brand ambassador for storage company, Stor-Age Self Storage, which has partnered with the City of Cape Town. De Villiers says they are inviting the public to drop off store-bought, five litre bottles of water which will be stored and then distributed. Countrywide, several stores have been set up for people to bring water to assist Cape Town residents. View a list of Stor-Age stores here.

Using technology to simplify our contracts

At Just Property, we are looking beyond the water crisis and have, for some time, been moving towards more sustainable business practices. For example, many of our franchises make use of what we call “Digi Docs”, a platform that allows us to exclude unnecessary or unwanted clauses from our contracts to limit the amount of paper used and give parties a legally-compliant way to digitally sign to eliminate printing altogether.

National Head Office Newsletter February 2018  

Creating Wealth through...PERSONALISED EXPERIENCES

The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention” (Rachel Naomi Remen). In this world, dominated by digital distractions and sensory overload, it is vital to focus our attention carefully for us to create meaningful and enriching personal experiences. How good are you at listening effectively? Complete this quick survey to find out.

As part of our ongoing Living our Values programe, we asked our people to reflect on what they are excellent at. This is what Erika Le Roux, our Klerksdorp franchisee, recognised in herself. It epitomises what we strive for across all our offices:

“I have an exceptional language and communication skill, which enables me to communicate clearly and to the point, focusing on the issues at hand, whilst not straying into verbal jousting.  

I am excellent at taking customer complaints, as I have the ability to listen, listen again, and then act.  My excellence serves me even better when having to respond to written complaints, as I am able to identify the "real" issue without being sidetracked in the emotional goings on.  I am great at giving complete and accurate, but to the point replies which normally stops the complainant in their tracks.

The balance of this excellence, is that I am almost always able to turn the complaint or situation around, ending up with a client that is entirely satisfied.  

The aim is not to never have complaints.  The aim is to survive them, learn from them, and come back bigger and better”.

Want some personal attention?
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National Head Office Newsletter February 2018  

Creating Wealth through… SHARED KNOWLEDGE AND IDEAS

If you are thinking about renting or selling your property agents have access to data that can help you maximise your potential returns. From rigorous tenant vetting procedures to market insights that can help you value your property, we can help you create wealth.

Request a Comparative Market Analysis: simply email marketing@just.property with the details of where you live and we will send you a no-strings attached review of property trends in your area.


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National Head Office Newsletter February 2018.


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