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Meet Shareen Combe - Just Property St Francis Bay

Meet Shareen Combe - Just Property St Francis Bay

18 August 2021

Shareen Combe is the face of Just Property’s newest franchise, located in the beautiful town of St Francis Bay. Shareen is a mom of three, married to a Scotsman and has returned to live in the beautiful village of St Francis Bay, where she grew up.  Shareen lived overseas for a number of years, in Dubai and then Kenya, returning to South Africa in 2013.  She taught at various schools in Port Elizabeth and then had a Headship role before deciding to change careers and enter into the world of real estate.  She absolutely loves what she does and is very excited to be running the Just Property office in St Francis Bay. 

We asked Shareen some questions to  give some insight into what drives her and what he aspirations are for Just Property St Francis Bay: 


How and why did you get into real estate?

I just love working with people and getting out and about! I’ve also always loved anything to do with homes and as a little girl, show houses were my favourite thing!


Why did you choose to work at Just Property?

I was looking to join a company that provides good support and where I can grow and develop into a more effective estate agent.


Tell us a little info about the area/suburb/city/people you work in/with?

St Francis Bay is an extremely special village and probably South Africa’s best-kept secret.  The quality of life is amazing and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.  I love the familiarity of living in a small community and I’ve never been happier.


What are you most passionate about in your life?

The special people in my life and spending quality time with them.


What is the purpose behind what you do? Asking this differently, what drives you to be the best you can be? What inspires you? 

I need to enjoy what I’m doing and genuinely love it in order to be inspired.  And, I need to know that I’m being successful by making people feel happy and secure.


What about you impresses your clients?

I think it’s the fact that I’m genuine and real… what you see is what you get.  I also love making other people happy, so helping people find their dream home is what I LOVE.


What personal achievements are you most proud of?

I’m proud of the various leadership roles I’ve had in my previous workplace, as a Head of school,  as well as starting a career in real estate and being successful at it.


What do you believe is the future of real estate and the value that agents can bring to buyers, sellers, tenants and landlords?

Real estate is one of the most important professions and services because without a home that makes us happy and content, what more is there?  As agents, we have to ensure that we offer the BEST service we can, from the start of a deal until the client is happy and every aspect of the deal has been concluded.  We have to build relationships with clients - only then can we add value.

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