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Meet Our Top Sales Agent Of 2019: Carin Howell!

Meet Our Top Sales Agent Of 2019: Carin Howell!

03 April 2020

  1. In which suburbs are you a specialist? 
    I am a property portfolio specialist working in the picturesque town of Heidelberg (Gauteng), which has easy access to the N3 highway with just a 40 minutes drive (50 km) from Johannesburg CBD, 45 minutes (58 km) from OR Tambo and 60 minutes (70 km) from central Sandton.  I specialise in the whole of Heidelberg, but my focus is residential sales in the suburbs of Heidelberg Kloof Nature Estate, Overkruin, Jordaan Park and Heidelberg Central. 
  2. What makes you an area specialist? 
    I have a passion for the people and the properties in Heidelberg and am blessed in abundance. As the property area specialist, it is my privilege and duty to price properties correctly and accurately during all market circumstances. I “eat, breathe and sleep” my focus property areas. I do extensive research and analysis which gives me an in-depth knowledge of properties and the amenities that these areas offer, the schools, what is planned in the future of our areas as well as being familiar with the municipal by-laws of these specific areas.  Clients trust my insights and advice because of my integrity, work ethic, knowledge of and experience in these areas. I dominate my market because I believe hard work, persistence and determination will produce results.  The proof is in my track record and reputation. 
  3. Why these particular suburbs? 
    I have been a resident of Heidelberg for the past 15 years. My kids went to school here, I have a good network of family and friends and it is a stable established community in one of the most historic towns in South Africa. Value for money and the unique lifestyle most properties offer makes these suburbs an obvious choice. Heidelberg is the ideal town for people working in Johannesburg wanting a more relaxed family lifestyle and are willing to commute to work.
  4. For investors, what does the area have to offer? 
    All investors want to invest in assets that produce the highest return on investment (ROI) with the lowest possible risk. Heidelberg offers various investment opportunities that meet these requirements – from self-storage units to the lower-income rental townhouses returning high ROIs annually.  I deal with qualified, serious buyers and investors so that I don’t waste my seller’s time, the buyer’s time and or mine. This is a key difference between being a sales agent and a property professional. An article in Rapport published on 14 October 2018 projected population growth in Heidelberg to double in the next 10 years – which means a shortage of housing is imminent.  The upside of this is that developers and investors might have an excellent investment opportunity.
  5. For a family looking to relocate, would you recommend this suburb? Why? 
    Without a doubt, I would recommend Heidelberg to any family planning a move to this historic town.  Nestled on the foothills of the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve, Heidelberg Kloof Nature Estate is probably the most exclusive estate in Gauteng with newly built homes priced from as little as R 2,500,000 to as much as R 35,000,000.  This estate is 144ha with only 22ha allocated to 120 stands. The remainder was left as natural habitat with Impala, Nyala and Springbuck roaming freely. This high-calibre estate has yet to meet its match in Gauteng. Heidelberg Central has the most beautiful historic houses.  Typical of the Victorian era, these houses with Olde World Charm, have been lovingly renovated to their current beautiful condition, with a typically Old Transvaal look, wrap-around porches and patios with direct access to most rooms of the house.  These properties are priced between R 1,200,000 to R 5,000,000. Overkruin and Jordaan Park are also neighbourhoods where families can safely enjoy evening strolls. Heidelberg is a wonderful environment in which to raise children or spend one’s retirement.
  6. Generally, what do the area demographics look like?
    The demographics for Heidelberg, and for my farming areas, are similar to most South African towns this size. Currently, most of the property owners and tenants here are middle-income earners, predominantly Afrikaans but with a definite increase of other cultures taking place.  I find that most of my clients want a relaxed environment where afternoon walks in the street are safe, their family and loved ones can ride their bicycles in the street, children can play and live without being concerned for their safety. The common denominator for all parents is first and foremost the safety and well-being of their children, loved ones and family.  Heidelberg offers that and so much more.
  7. As an area specialist, do you have any additional insights to add?
    I could talk on this topic for hours!  As a property specialist, the better you understand an area and a specific subject, the simpler it becomes to you.  Two years ago I had the privilege of doing The Real Estate Business Owner Development Programme (BODP) coached by the brothers Trevor and Malcolm Gaw – a mini-MBA in real estate wealth creation. This, together with monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with Trevor has increased my confidence and competence.  Consistent training, reading and upskilling are imperative in my profession. It keeps me up to date to adapt to changes and to do so creatively. In order to stay ahead of the pack and excel in your profession, it is vital to adapt to the needs and demands of the current market. I now have the privilege of earning and enjoying sales mastery because of this training, coaching and personal commitment to my goals and wealth creation strategy.

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