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Make the outdoors your happy place

Make the outdoors your happy place

Summertime means more time outdoors and what better place to do this than in your very own garden. Here’s how to make your outdoor area the perfect hangout spot.

The sun is out and the weather is fine, it’s the best time to spend more time outdoors. So sprucing up your outdoor space is a must during these balmy summer months. Whether you prefer lazing outside with a good book or having friends over for cocktails, your outdoor area should be a place where you enjoy spending your time. Here are a few great ways to make your patio or garden chic and comfortable:


Stripe it up

Add some stripes to your patio with striped throw pillows, a striped couch or a striped rug. This will add some width to the area and creates an interesting feature. Black and white stripes add a modern feel to any outdoor area, provided they go with the general theme of your space. A rug is useful to help unify your outdoor area, and has the same décor effect as it would indoors – bringing the design together.

Bring the heat

Add a fire pit to your outdoor area. It can be used all year round, and is a great object to have as the focal point of your outdoor space. Whether it’s a summer evening roasting marshmallows on the fire after a barbecue, or a wintery night huddled around the fire with hot chocolate, a fire pit is one of the best investments for your garden.

Cool, calm and collected

For a tranquil vibe, use neutral colours to make your outdoor area blend in with the environment. Colours like white, beige, grey, brown and green can give your outdoor area a cool and calm energy. Using natural materials like wood and stone for furniture and chairs is a great way to achieve this effect, particularly when paired with neutral toned décor. Natural colours and materials will help you feel a little closer to Mother Nature and a little more at peace in your space.

Hanging around

Branch out from the normal plain wooden or plastic outdoor chairs and add something interesting to your outdoor area. Hanging chairs are very trendy right now and are a fun way to add extra seating to your outdoor space. These can be hung from the roof of your patio or from a tree in your garden, to add an interesting element to the area.

Stop and smell the roses

Every outdoor area needs fragrant flowers to create a delightfully scented space. The better the scent, the more time you and your family or friends will want to spend outdoors. Plant some flowers that smell delightful, such as lavender, gardenia or roses, near the areas where you’ll be sitting. Lovely scents help create a relaxed ambience and give your outdoor area more appeal.

Light it up

Take your outdoor area to the next level by adding pretty lights. From fairy lights to lanterns or even candles, there are many lighting options that you can use to make your outdoor area come to life. Good lighting is particularly useful when entertaining guests, however, it also lifts the mood and adds a romantic touch to any outdoor space.

Tropical flair

Add a tropical touch to your outdoor space by using bold prints for throw pillows, chair cushions or table clothes. Using a few bold colours in your outdoor décor creates a fun, summery feel. Add a few bowls of fruit and some cocktails, and you’ve got yourself a tropical paradise.

Whether you’d like your outdoor area to be sultry and romantic, earthy and serene or zesty and tropical, these tips will help you on your way to creating a space where anyone would want to spend their summer.

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