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How to stay stress-free while selling your home

How to stay stress-free while selling your home

12 July 2021

Selling your house doesn't need to be complicated. Use these tips to achieve peace of mind when doing so: 

  1. Choose a Just Property agent

    While selling your home privately is an option, doing it through a real estate professional is more seamless.  Agents have expert knowledge of the property market, and they will know exactly how to market your property effectively. They will also be able to screen potential buyers to see if they are financially fit to buy the property. 

    Agents will also make sure that both buyers and sellers get the best deal possible while negotiating.

    Tip: you don’t have to stick with the first agent you come across. Keep looking until you think you have found the right agent to work with! Don’t know what to expect from your sales agent? Click here for what we think about this. 

  2. Know which repairs to focus on

    The repairs you make can cost an arm and a leg and sometimes those repairs are something that the buyer wouldn’t even notice. It is a good idea to view other property for sale in the area, just to see what you’re up against. 

    Some home buyers are looking for ‘fixer upper’ properties. They won't be interested in homes that need major repairs such as fixing the entire electrical system or having to fix multiple leaking taps.

    Minor repairs that need to take place are fine. This could include small cosmetic changes such as a fresh coat of paint or wooden floors that need a coat of varnish.

    It is a good idea to speak to your Just Property agent before making a decision. Weighing the pros and cons with them will help you to figure out what is worth your time, money and effort.

  3. Get your house show-ready!

    First impressions are extremely important when it comes to selling your home. Buyers will be looking at the whole house, inside and outside. Try to declutter as much as you can. Keep some less important things in storage or ask a family member to keep them for you, this means there are fewer things to tidy when a potential buyer comes around.

  4. Don’t complicate your viewing hours

    What’s the point of being on the market if the ability to see the home is more of a rarity than an everyday event? Complicated showing instructions, lots of notice, specific blocks of time during the day or certain days that the property cannot be shown will only frustrate the sales process. Your property needs to be available for prospective buyer viewings.

    To make it easier, have set week and weekend time slots specifying which hours work best. For example, the house can be viewed from 17:00 to 19:00 in the week, and from 10:00 to 13:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. 

    Did you know: 30% of home buyers view 6+ properties before they bought. (Source: Just Property Psychology of Home Buying Survey, 2021)

  5. Get out of there

    Agents have a duty of care to their clients on both sides of the property transaction and they may feel limited in their ability to be transparent and frank with prospective buyers if you are eavesdropping in the wings. Buyers will also be less inclined to ask questions or to give honest feedback.

    Did you know: your agent’s behaviour is governed by a Code of Conduct. Trust that.

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