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How to get your guest room ready for the holidays

How to get your guest room ready for the holidays

Make your family and friends feel at home during the festive season with these tips for getting your spare room ready.

With year-end holidays almost here, many of us are thinking about sprucing up rooms to accommodate extra visitors. Whether you’re looking at a complete makeover, or just a few 5 star tricks, here are some tips that will help in your planning.



First off there’s nothing like a major declutter and a fresh coat of paint to get any space ready for action. When painting, choose either a fresh and invigorating neutral colour (a good shade of white, a clean earth tone) or decide on a feature wall (which can also be used in place of a striking headboard) that will create an impact and work back from there.


Unless costs are of no concern, stick to neutral colours for floors and main items of furniture, remembering that bold looks, big impact and fashion colours can easily be achieved with accessories and wall colour which are less expensive to change in the future.


Take a good, long look at the windows and decide on an appropriate window dressing. Blinds and shutters add elegance, curtains add warmth – both physical and metaphorical. Consider whether you’ll need a form of block out – you don’t necessarily want visitors waking with the sparrows.


Make the most of your lighting – change a tired old lampshade for a striking new one and you’ll transform a shop-worn lamp in a heartbeat. Check also that bedside lights are working, and while you’re about it, that adaptors for phone chargers are functional and within easy reach.

Consider a rug

The mere presence of a rug can change the mood of a room. And if your Persian is too good to walk on – hang it up! Apart from being wonderful to look at, carpets are also great for noise reduction.

Finishing touches

Give your guests somewhere soft to land with a comfortable bed, good mattress, good pillows and high quality linen.

Arrange the cupboards and drawers so that guests can hang or store their clothing while staying at your home. Stock cupboards with sufficient, matching hangers and create space for big luggage either by clearing space in a cupboard, under the bed or including a luggage rack.

Have enough open space – on bedside tables, on a dressing table and in the bathroom for visitors to unpack and use the room with ease. Is there space for their toothbrush and cosmetics in the bathroom, and a mag, glass and phone on the bedside table?

Mount a full-length mirror on a wall, in the bathroom or on the inside of a cupboard door.

Include a waste bin either near a desk or dressing table, by the door or in the bathroom.

Leave a hair drier with easy access.

Create a coffee station for that early morning cup so visitors don’t need to wait until your household is awake. And add a few snacking items such as biscuits, rusks, fruit, chocolate and nuts which could be enjoyed either on waking or as a late night snack.

Don’t forget a bottle of water.


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