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How To Choose The Real Estate Franchise Right For You

How To Choose The Real Estate Franchise Right For You

25 August 2021

Franchising has been called the greatest business model ever invented and has enabled many thousands of people around the world to become owners of their own businesses

But how do you choose which brand to partner with?

Franchise brands will all offer business systems and technology that have been refined over a number of years,  a recognised brand that gives instant credibility to your new business, structured and formal training programmes, opportunities to network and leverage the knowledge and skills of a team of like-minded business owners, and turnkey marketing solutions.

In today’s world, however, the best franchising brands offer more. Take the “extras” that Paul says
Just Property franchise owners have access to:

  • A resilient business model that can handle natural up- and down-cycles, as well as extremes brought about by unforeseen events like the COVID pandemic and recent social unrest experienced in South Africa. This agility is critical in our VUCA world, where circumstances are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

    The dynamic team at Just Property Head Office is geared to pivot; it’s a group of people who can work together to brainstorm and deliver solutions that would otherwise take a smaller team or independent business owner much longer to execute.

    The words of franchisee Gerard Smith, illustrate this value proposition;
    “The support was amazing, especially considering that we started our business during a lockdown. Just Property wasn’t taken by surprise - they already had an amazing online learning platform that gives you all the tools needed to succeed. And the technology, marketing and training divisions are second to none. I think it’s the only brand where you have a direct line to your CEO who is always there to support and guide you.”

  • A franchise model that is run democratically, with franchisees involved in key decisions and regularly consulted on operational matters. Paul notes that while Just Property’s corporate guidelines protect the brand and operational integrity, franchisees are given the latitude to bring their own personalities and strengths to the running of their business.

    Pieter van den Berg, Just Property N1 City franchisee, echoes this with his words,
    “I have been part of this amazing brand and its journey since 2006. The brand and its people have always been resilient - facing challenges as a collective and coming out on top every time. As a born entrepreneur, it's a wonderful organisation to be part of. Our Head Office is continuously at the forefront of innovation… Our leaders are inspirational individuals who have taken the brand to what is undoubtedly one of the leading property companies in South Africa today. As a franchisee, you are given all the support you could ever need but also the freedom to use your own initiative and build your own empire. 

  • Financial and legal vigilance, where business owners can opt-in to services run by subject matter experts at a fraction of the cost of paying for it independently. These include management accounting (and consultation when red flags appear), as well as automated, POPI-compliant marketing processes.

    Multi-franchise owner Ria Taljaard
     shares her experience; “I have worked for various property brands and also directly for developers. When it came to the decision of which franchise group I wanted to be a part of, I immediately knew it must be Just Property. Their experience...is demonstrated in the exceptional quality of their contracts and processes, legally compliant, efficient and fair to all parties. At Just Property, the franchisee gets a fantastic offering in terms of IT, systems, training and what makes it really great is the agents have access to these as well. Just Property is dynamic and ever-changing, keeping me on my toes. I love it this way!”

  • Just Property’s most successful franchisees speak passionately about the alignment of their personal values with that of the brand. Van den Berg continues, “our focus on values creates the type of environment where employees thrive - on a personal and business level. It is an honour and a privilege to be a part of the Just Property family - I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!”. 

Paul Stevens, CEO of Just Property, encourages future franchisees to deep-dive into what brands offer when trying to decide which brand to partner with. Look for business philosophies and approaches that will future-proof your business, that will change with the times and that will enable you to leave a legacy! That’s his mission and what the Just Property brand is all about.



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