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How to care for a charcoal or gas braai

How to care for a charcoal or gas braai

Let’s face it, a braai is an investment. Any true braai enthusiast knows that a man-braai relationship is one that needs to be valued. A braai is a reliable friend that will provide you with plenty of happy moments in front of the fire.

So, as with any good friend, you need to look after them or it. And the same goes for your charcoal or gas braai. There are certain simple steps you can follow that will ensure its longevity and maintenance.

Amy Whittam, Marketing Manager from Weber, shares some braai care tips...

1. Regular cleaning

The easiest thing you can start doing is cleaning your braai regularly. To make it as hassle-free as possible, keep a wire T-brush, braai cleaner and sponge near your braai for quick, easy and regular clean ups.

The cleaner will soften the grease and grit on the grid, while the brush and sponge will get to all those hard to reach places. Remember to clean the cooking grate after the coals have died out, and to brush off any loose particles on the warm (not hot) cooking grate with a brass grill brush and get scrubbing. Rinse thoroughly and dry.

2. Remove leftover ashes before you braai

Every time you want to use your charcoal braai, remember to remove cold ashes from the bottom of the kettle. This prevents airflow problems next time you braai. Ashes also absorb moisture, which may cause premature rusting of the One-Touch Cleaning System on your Weber braai.

3. Maintaining inside and outside of the braai

Although you do not have to clean it regularly, occasionally maintaining the inside and outside of the bowl and lid of your braai is important.

If you allow cooking residue to burn off the inside of your braai every time you use it, you shouldn't have to work as hard at scrubbing the inside. You can simply brush off flaking baked-on grease with a brass wire grill brush.

4. Wash it down

If you want a sparkling clean braai, either inside or out, warm soapy water and a sponge or dishcloth are usually sufficient. If necessary, lightly scrub the porcelain-enameled parts with a soapy, fine steel wool pad. However, be careful not to scratch the porcelain.

Along with all the things you should do to your braai, just as important to remember, is that you should never wax or paint your braai lid. The finish on your braai is baked-on porcelain enamel, so you never have to wax or paint it. This finish is glossier and much more durable than paint, and wax will only streak when the grill gets hot. So just wipe the lid down with warm, soapy water when it gets dusty or dirty.

Caring for your gas braai

More or less the same rules apply when it comes to maintaining a gas braai - clean it regularly with a grill brush and braai cleaner. Clean the cooking grate before or after grilling.

Burn off any residue by simply turning the grill on high until the smoke stops, then brush the cooking grates with a brass wire grill brush. Always remember to change the drip pans regularly. These pans are made to fit your catch pan under the bottom tray of your gas braai. Regularly changing the liner also discourages flies.

It’s as simple as that - a few easy steps almost guarantees you have a good braaing experience every time, as well as have a braai that lasts you many years.


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