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Home alarm systems: get the 'most bang for your buck'

Home alarm systems: get the 'most bang for your buck'

In the time it takes to read this sentence, a home in South Africa will have been burgled.

Statistics show that the average home robbery occurs at night: the criminals come through the front door, using physical force where necessary. The good news is that the average criminal can’t disable a home alarm system.

Home alarm systems come in many varieties but the choices can be overwhelming as can the costs.


Anchor South Africa shares tips to help you choose, install and get the most out of your alarm system…

1. Saving money on a home alarm system

There are all kinds of surprising ways to save money on home alarms. The most significant savings can be had by getting quotes from security companies in your area.

The major home alarm companies will give better quotes, which can save you hundreds of rands each month. For monthly savings, consider installing a solar-powered alarm system.

2. There’s value in popularity

Security-savvy consumers know that they’ll get the most value for their money by choosing the most popular company in their area.

The security company is already doing patrols in your area so why not join them? And, the more clients in an area, the more presence there will be and the faster the response time will be.

3. Beware of hidden fees

Many people are wary of signing contracts. If you must sign one, read it through very, very carefully.

Many of the long-term contracts are difficult to get out of without serious expense.

Make sure you aren’t going to be charged for false alarms as these costs can add up quickly and make for a nasty surprise when it’s time to pay your bill. Other hidden fees include installation fees and activation fees, and there may also be call-out fees any time equipment is faulty.

You may also be charged to remove equipment and a cancellation fee contract should you decide to change companies at any stage.

4. Supplementing home alarms with cheaper add-ons

DIY home alarm systems are a burgeoning industry for good reason. With minimal DIY skills, you can fully protect your home for less. You can also spread the cost over a few months by adding sensors each month.

Even if you aren’t DIY capable, you can hire a private contractor to put in a security system for far less than some of the larger companies charge. You can also supplement home security using old smart phones and a home security app for free.

5. Be wary of free installation

If a company offers free installation, be aware that you’ll end up paying for the installation through increased monthly costs. Rather pay a bit extra upfront to save on your monthly costs.

6. Getting the most from your alarm system

The alarm system needs to be tested regularly and maintained annually.

Check that the maintenance costs are included in your package.

If you’ve made the decision to get a home alarm system, congratulations. You’re taking steps to ensure the safety of your home and you can sleep just a little bit easier at night. Use some of these tips to ensure that you’re getting the most value for money.

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