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Getting your home ready for winter

Getting your home ready for winter

Winter is just around the corner so make sure your home is prepped and as ready as your wardrobe will be for the chilly months ahead.

Getting your home ready for the cold winter months before they hit, is just as important as making sure your winter wardrobe is complete. From big things like roof leaks to little things like ceiling fans, make sure you’ve prepared your home for the upcoming freeze, well ahead of time. The sooner you get your house prepared, the better off you’ll be - not only when it comes to warmth, but also when it comes to utility bills.

Follow these useful tips to make sure your home is ready, inside and out, for the colder temperatures.

Reverse the fans

If your ceiling fans have a reverse switch, make sure that this has been switched on. Your fans will then create an updraft of air, which pushes warmer air from the ceiling down into the room. This is particularly useful in rooms with high ceilings, where warm air rises and sits far above the room.

Bring out the fuzz

It’s time to bring out the thick rugs and plush throws. Adding rugs to your lounge and bedroom areas is not only comfortable underfoot but also creates warmth within these rooms. A cosy winter throw or a warm blanket in the lounge can be particularly handy to huddle under, on frosty winter nights. Next, it’s time to bring out the winter bedding and extra blankets for your bedrooms. It’s a good idea to layer your bedding with a down duvet and wool blankets for extra warmth.

Insulation is key

One of the most basic, yet often forgotten, things to do when getting ready for winter is to check the windows and doors in your home for draughts. Make sure that every door and window are insulated and there are no air leaks, well ahead of winter. If need be, add thicker curtains to your windows to help keep out the chilly air.

Clean out those gutters

Make sure all your gutters are free of debris before winter sets in. Leaves and sticks can cause water or ice to back up in your gutters and result in leaks and damage. This will be expensive to repair, particularly if water leaks have occurred or the damage has extended to other parts of the roof.

Prepare your fireplace

If you’ve got a fireplace, start gathering a few piles of wood. You can store the wood in your garage or outdoor storage cupboards, away from the elements. Separate pieces of wood into bundles and tie each bundle together, it makes for easier storage and use. Also, make sure that your chimney is cleaned out. Once the chill hits, you should be fully stocked with wood and ready for warm, cosy nights by the fire.

Bring out some greenery

Liven up your home with an air of nature in the form of flowers and greenery. Some flowers in a vase in the kitchen and plants around the lounge or entrance hall can create a freshness in your home during the gloominess of winter. Not only do flowers and greenery add new colours to your home, they also add delightful scents.

Add a flickering flame

Flickering candlelight around your home will create warmth and coziness during the winter months. Candles or candle lanterns create a warm glow in the home, which is a welcome reprieve from the icy weather outdoors.

These tips are a great start to getting your home ready ahead of the winter chill and making sure that you enjoy being indoors during winter.

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