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Digital Advancements in Real Estate

Digital Advancements in Real Estate

There’s a fair amount of hype these days around online real estate agencies and the impact that their digital offerings are having on the industry. While some may choose to ignore the ripple effects of tech disruption in real estate, the truth is that there is a real need for traditional agencies to adapt to and keep up with ongoing technological advances.

For Chris Greenwood, the Chief Technology Officer at Just Property, the main driving force for innovation is the opportunity to enhance the client experience and increase the level of professionalism within the real estate sector.  “By harnessing technology to streamline the customer experience, we increase our clients’ ability to interact with our brand and services. Traditional information barriers have been removed and we’ve made all the resources available that our clients might need for making educated decisions,” says Greenwood.

To this end, online users can now access tools on Just Property’s national website to do a credit check (via a registered credit bureau) or calculate their bond affordability. Armed with this information, they can then proceed to submit the relevant application online.Greenwood and his team have ensured that clients only need to submit their personal details onto Just Property’s digital platform once. No duplicate information or documentation will be required from them until the point of signing a comprehensive, digital agreement. These documents are generated automatically using data captured during the online application process.

Rather than taking away from the agent’s role, Greenwood feels that technological advancements like these serve to enhance it. “By the time the agent kicks into their traditional role of finding suitable properties to show their clients, the client has already gone through a screening process, with a clearer indication of what they can afford. This greatly incentivises the agent to source suitable properties, because there is less chance of deals collapsing,” says Greenwood.  

In addition to these tech offerings, Just Property also uses sophisticated Property Management Software to manage property listings and online rental payments. Tools are also available that assist with the professional and efficient dealing of rental non-payments, and to ensure the safety of all funds through Just Property’s transparent, controlled and monitored payment system.

Getting in touch with a Just Property agent is now as easy as the left click of a mouse button. All national branches are listed on the main website, first by region and then office positioning, while each branch maintains its own online presence, via Facebook and a unique website URL linked back to the national website.
Just Property is obsessed with discovering new and unexpected opportunities that will open doors for their clients and believes in delivering excellence through innovation.
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Just Property is a property wealth creation company offering a full spectrum of professional services in residential and commercial sales, letting and property management, new developments and investor education since 2001. With over 100 franchise offices in South Africa and Namibia, we draw on our extensive industry experience to assist you to purchase and manage property.
Just Property has been awarded 7 International Property Awards, being awarded the best Letting Agency and highly commended Real Estate Agency in South Africa and Africa over the course of three years.


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