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Bringing houseplants into your life

Bringing houseplants into your life

The trends in houseplants that you need to know about to get your house looking lush and lovely.

Like many other players in the décor world, houseplants too are subject to trends. For those who like to keep their look upbeat, and for here are the need-to-know for winter 2017.


Yes, the fiddle leaf fig is waving goodbye – after a long run, and many auspicious moments. In its place experts are predicting the rise of the weeping fig, which with an elegant trunk, generous canopy and delicate leaves, takes easily to making a grand statement as well as miniature bonsai.


The foliage trend has seen a comeback in ferns, and with many of the species not minding the low light of typical indoor spaces, the playing fields are actually wide open for inventiveness and creativity. From delicate maidenhair ferns and 70s style asparagus ferns to larger leafy numbers such as the birds nest and stag horn fern are having their time in the shade. There are plenty to choose from, the indigenous Blechum fern, the holly fern, variegated ribbon fern and Boston fern being just a few.


Big, bold and exuberant, the current tropical vibe will remain very much with us over the winter season, and dramatic green features will include locals as the delicious monster and other philodendrons, banana tree, fern palm, rubber tree and other large and leafy numbers. Eye-catching and dynamic these are great for domestic and office use.


While aloes have been with us a fair while now, the aloe vera is having a particularly special moment, with its understated elegance, fleshy soft-green leaves, tubular flowers and numerous health benefits appealing widely. Cacti however are also having a moment, and from tiny colourful assortments of cacti to a long, slim stand-alone plant, they’re everywhere.

Air Purifiers

Power plants as they are now being called, air purifiers are plants that are able to remove toxins from the air. While all indoor plants purify the air to some degree (through photosynthesis) some do it better than others. Particular status has been given to plants that have been found to remove harmful household toxins (from petrol and gasses, cleaning and personal care products, paint and solvents) and help decrease ones risks of cancers, asthma, allergies, auto-immune disorders and other diseases. The list includes aloe vera, English ivy, gerbera daisy, marginata (dragon tree), moth orchid, chrysanthemum, peace lily, spider plant, areca palm, Boston fern, areca palm, baby rubber plant, bamboo palm, Chinese evergreen, dwarf date palm and the umbrella tree.

Try suspending cascading ivy from a hanging planter, popping a Boston fern on a pedestal plant stand, adding a pop of colour with some gerbera, or welcoming in calm with a peace lily.

TIP: Striking containers make houseplants stand out, so take the time to pair your plant with the perfect pot. This seasons container trends include raw wood, earthenware and cork.

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