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8 stylish colour trends for the bathroom

8 stylish colour trends for the bathroom

Need to freshen up your bathroom? Take some inspiration from these killer colour combos.

We start and end each day in our bathroom. An inviting, stylish and beautiful bathroom can uplift us in the morning, putting us in a good mood and leave us ready to face the day and then at the end of a busy day, it can help to relax us. With that in mind here are some stylish bathroom trends to give you some inspiration.

1. Green and hexagon shapes

Rich and moody shades have been making a comeback in the world of design. Deep greens with a blue undertone look beautiful in the bathroom and create a luxurious and relaxing feel. Greens are stress relieving, balancing and provide a close connection to nature. Keep a look out for Hexagon/honeycomb geometric shaped tiles of all shapes and sizes which are very popular on walls and floors.

2. Black and natural wood

Black creates an elegant sophistication to the bathroom. But, beware of too much black which can be dark and uninviting. Be sure to contrast the black with white and add some warm touches. This can be done with wood flooring or accessories. White and metallic accessories will bounce the light around the room. While black is very trendy right now it’s a good idea to start off with black in small doses.

3. Navy blue and dark faucets

The colour of the ocean, blue is a natural fit for the bathroom. Rich dark blues create a modern look as featured below. Once again wood features add warmth and cosiness. Dark metallic's give it a contemporary masculine feel.

4. White and patterned tiles

White is a classic colour for the bathroom but it can be too cold and uninviting. Add some drama and personality to a white bathroom with patterned tiles. 

5. Organic neutrals

Neutrals never go out of fashion. Create a spa-like relaxing bathroom by mixing up different tones and textures of naturals, wood, pebbles and metallics.

6. Pops of colour

Neutral colours provide the perfect backdrop to add pops of colour. If you love a colour don't be scared to use it in your bathroom to give it a touch of personality.

7. Metallics

While copper, gold, rose gold and silver are still popular in bathrooms. The metallics out in front are brass and dark metallics.