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7 Things You Should Expect From Your Sales Estate Agent

7 Things You Should Expect From Your Sales Estate Agent

22 June 2020

Selling a house is a slow and complicated affair; the transfer process (what happens after you accept the offer and until the property is registered in your buyer’s name) can take months and there are many things that can go wrong.

You will need an agent that is organised and diligent. There will be many people competing for the mandate to sell your property and you need someone who has your best interest at heart. Buying or selling a home will be one of the biggest transactions of your life, so make sure that you choose an agent with great reviews and a great track record. An excellent agent should have the following qualities:

  1. Honesty and Transparency 

    It is important to choose an agent who is honest and believes in full disclosure. Your agent needs to be transparent about the documents you are signing. Remember to trust your gut. If your “gut” is telling you that something does not feel right or that your agent isn’t practising full disclosure, you have every right to ask for the contact information from past buyers that the agent has represented. Meet with different agents and get to know them; your intuition will guide you.

  2. Frequent Communication

    You need an agent who will always keep in touch with you. There is a lot of information that agents will need to keep you updated with such as inspections and title work. A good agent should not take longer than a couple of hours to respond to you. You need to respond to your agent in a timely manner too. Both parties need to have their finger on the pulse. Ask your agent if they prefer to be contacted via Whatsapp, phone calls or emails. And ask what their availability is. You should feel that your agent is contactable when you need it (within reason).

  3. Use Of Current Technology Tools

    Technology changes on a daily basis, and so does its effect on the real estate industry. We have introduced digital signing and “e-cards” into our business and it has already made a big impact on the way we do things. Most of us have busy personal and work schedules, and allowing clients to digitally sign can save a lot of time and effort. Audit trails are more robust too. And that’s just the tip of our technology iceberg.

  4. Business Connections

    A sales estate agent is not the only person that is needed when selling a home. There are many professionals needed. You need to be confident that your agent has solid business relationships and that they can recommend the right people to you.

  5. Proven Track Record And Success

    Before choosing an agent, ask about their sales history and success. A real estate agent who has sold over 50 homes has a different level of experience compared to an agent that has only sold a couple.  Make sure to ask your agent how many homes they have sold in the past year. Also, pay attention to how visible an agent is in your area: are their boards up, do you see branded cars, do they stand out in the community? Look online at who is marketing properties in your area: how they promote other properties is how they are likely to promote yours. Which ones impress you? Consider the views of other property owners: Google My Business is a great place to find out what people really think of the service they have received.

  6. Strong Negotiation Skills

    To receive the best deal that you possibly can, you need an agent who will advocate for you. It is their job to make sure that you get the best possible price for you. They need to be a strong negotiator, without being too pushy or aggressive. How they treat you in trying to win the mandate is how they are likely to treat buyers when trying to close the deal.

  7. Professionalism

    When buying any product, we expect professionalism. Although it is a given, agents need to treat everyone equally and with respect. Your agent also needs to be punctual for meetings and so do you. If a meeting is set for 11am, your agent should be there at 11am or a bit before then. Being late shows a lack of professionalism. Look beyond the commission rate; not all agents are created equal. It may be worth paying a higher commission if you feel assured of an excellent service.

It's not easy to choose someone to represent you when it comes to selling your property. Everyone is promising the same thing: a quick sale, the best price, value & services you can trust. These 7 points give you a useful framework for choosing the agent that is just right for you.

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