Wifi in property an upcoming trend

Wifi in property an upcoming trend

Despite the economic slump, the property market has remained somewhat robust, while looking at ways to boost property values and attract potential buyers. One of these value propositions is bundling wifi connectivity with other amenities in residential and multi-use dwelling properties.

As connectivity is becoming a cornerstone for the economy, technology and more specifically wifi, is playing an integral role in providing access - access across businesses, homes, schools, warehouses, stadiums and retail establishments. As such, what happened previously is that building and infrastructure projects went up and connectivity was added after completion – just like furniture (the nice to have). Now, developments have wifi and connectivity at the heart of their planning – just like water and electricity (the fundamentals) – where developments such as malls, complexes and multi-use dwelling properties for example are ensuring that their plans incorporate wifi right from the start.

Quicker sales and rentals

In fact, South Africa's property developers are proving to be enthusiastic wifi adopters as not only is the availability of wifi boosting property values, but is helping with quicker sales and rentals. With more and more citizens working from home, connectivity is critical – and if it comes with the home upfront, even better. What’s more, as millennials are increasingly entering the property market, they are transforming the demand for technology-oriented facilities to suit their ever-connected lifestyles.

The biggest challenge is that many of these contractors have never had to consider connectivity upfront before and as such, are not sure of the requirements that are needed when it comes to wifi. In some cases they don’t opt to work with industry specialists or use carrier-grade products that will not only work within the building design and aesthetics, but be able to work well with load density and provide the best user experience. As such, in many cases they or the tenants become frustrated with their current wifi installation as the technical equipment lacks the signal strength required to deal with the environmental challenges and provide the coverage required.

Resident loyalty

Just as consumers are demanding high-end finishes and value-added amenities such as recreational services areas and gyms for example, they are also demanding good connectivity and developers need to understand the importance of partnering with a provider that can provide the wireless access required.

The property market is constantly shifting – impacted by socio-economic factors – but the one thing that remains a constant today, is the need to connect and to do so cost effectively, especially as smart homes and connected services come to the fore. If done right wifi, amongst other equipment, could be a distinguishing factor for resident loyalty, retention and a competitive market edge.

Article originally from bizcommunity