Why should I use prepaid electricity?

Why should I use prepaid electricity?

With winter coldly knocking, electricity usage is bound to increase as we enjoy more hot drinks and turn on heaters and electric blankets to keep the chill at bay. Sadly, this will hike the electricity bill especially if you are not using a pre-paid electricity meter. Predicting how much these appliances are consuming everytime they are on, may not be accurate, making it even more difficult to budget for the consumption. This is what Meter Mate, a prepaid meter company, based in the north of Johannesburg advise:

It is important to keep your readings up to date so that you can prevent any nasty surprises in the form of a huge bill which has been built up by incorrect estimates on your account for months or even years. You must make sure you are on a suitable tariff option
This means, for instance, that if you use under 800 Kwh per month then it is better to be on the life line rather than being on Two part tariff which is more suitable for someone who uses over 800 Kwh per month. The relationship either with your landlord or tenants amongst other things, can be compromised due to incorrect or high electricity bills. At times, solving the problem can take longer with the municipality. Maybe it is time to consider prepaid billing system, not only will it ease the pressures of managing the readings, but give your tenant more control on electricity usage.

5 benefits of using prepaid electricity for tenants 

  • You can avoid those embarrassing electricity disconnections, as with prepaid meters it’s not complicated to read and monitor, making it easy to know when to buy electricity.
  • Budget friendly – no “electricity bill unknowns” as you are aware of exactly how much electricity you use per month. Plus it can help you stretch your budget to other important things like school fees for kids.
  • No need to worry about the electricity deposit when you move into a new apartment
  • You can buy tokens at local stores
  • Your relationship with your landlord will not suffer as a result of to electricity bills

5 benefits of using prepaid electricity for landlords

  • Less effort securing tenants – with high living expenses, tenants opt for renting options that are budget-friendly
  • Get rid of unwanted trips to the city council to solve misread meter readings and running after tenants who default on electricity bills.
  • No tenants skipping electricity bills and having to chase and follow this up.
  • No need for monthly electricity consumption bills, saving you time to focus on other things.
  • Electricity squabbles are no good for landlord-tenant relationships. This way you have a better chance of maintaining a good relationship with your tenant.


Article from theroomlink