Top 3 Baby Nursery Planning Tips

Top 3 Baby Nursery Planning Tips

 You’re pregnant and excited to bring new life into the world, but along with this special and wonderful blessing, you need to consider planning for your little one’s arrival. 

 There are a number of important questions that you need to ask yourself so you can figure out what baby furniture you’ll need. Dream Furniture shares some helpful tips…

1. What colour and style of décor should I choose for my baby?

The style and colour should suit the baby that will call the room ‘home’, which is why the gender of the baby can be important, unless you choose not to find out until delivery. While the gender will only be known at a later stage in the pregnancy, parents can discuss and decide on what baby furniture options they will go for, depending on gender. They can also settle on a neutral theme and colour to suit either a boy or a baby girl.

2. What baby furniture will I need?

There is need and there is want. First, it is important to make sure that all of the important elements are planned and considered, at which point additional nice-to-haves can be added to the baby nursery plan.

Every newborn requires a comfortable baby cot and mattress to call his or her first bed. In addition to this, a compactum is useful as it makes for the ideal storage space and changing table all in one.

It is best to invest in quality items which will last rather than buying inferior products that are not baby safe and won’t last through more than one child.

When shopping for baby furniture, look for cot beds that convert to toddler or full size beds that will grow with your baby as they transition to the next stage.

Compactums should be at least 60cm deep, and offer sufficient storage to allow indefinite use as a chest of drawers later.

As far as the extras are concerned, parents should decide based on budget and preference, what they would like to add in terms of baby furniture, linen or décor to personalise and add value to their baby’s new room.

Baby room extras include feeding chairs, wallpaper, baby linen, personalised baby names and other nursery accessories, to name just a few popular options.

3. When should I order my baby furniture?

The earlier this is done, the better, so that mums are able to be actively involved in picking out and putting together the room while they still have energy and before they become uncomfortable to do so.

Remember, if you decide to go with quality furniture and décor, there will be an order time which is usually up to eight weeks, so it is best to ensure your nursery planning is achieved by month five of your pregnancy.

This will ensure that your nursery is complete by month eight and the final month is stress-free and relaxed, so you can focus on meeting your precious bundle of joy.

Article from property24