Thinking of selling your home?

Thinking of selling your home?

Addressing these before selling your home will help you realise a better selling price at the closing table. If you need guidance on what you should be doing for your own home contact, Just Property and request a pre-sale home inspection for some of those things you are not sure about. Buyers will appreciate your extra attention to detail and your home should sell quicker as a result.

  1. Repaint Your Walls

Painting your walls can immediately give your home a fresh new look. You should especially do this if your walls are not a neutral colour. A paint colour like a neutral off white will make your home feel more open and bright, which will also help any buyer imagine the possibilities. Lighter coloured paints also help rooms look brighter and cleaner and don’t forget to patch up holes and replace any worn fixtures.

  1. Legal stuff – Know your obligations and gather all your documents

Make sure you know exactly what you're in for, when it comes to all the legal obligations with selling your property. As you prepare for the sale of your home, it helps to compile all the important documents related to the property for sale.

  1. The less stuff you have, the more space you have

Maximise space by minimising your things, if you declutter your stuff from your home, then you are allowing the buyer to see the space and imagine themselves living in it. The biggest reason people give for moving house is lack of space in their current house.

Another tip: As you clean your home, make sure you don’t stuff everything into your cupboards/wardrobes. Buyers will open them to peek inside and finding a mess doesn’t make for a good impression. Even reduce the number of clothes hanging in your wardrobes. This will make the wardrobes look much bigger.

  1. Be READY!

Create the ideal lifestyle and home that your buyers will be aspiring to. Show every rooms use – and ensure its what your buyer would be expecting. Never leave a room looking “spare” or out of place – as this is showing a buyer that the room isn’t really needed, and they shouldn’t be paying for it! Keep your home looking great all the time it’s on the market.

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