How to update your bedroom for spring

How to update your bedroom for spring

With spring already in the air, it's time to think about refreshing your home. One room in particular that needs some attention after a long winter is the one place where you can relax, the bedroom.

So why not swap your winter décor for fresh linens and patterns to make your bedroom feel inviting, light, open and carefree.

Here’s how to capture that casual, chic spring vibe…

Add fun neutral choices

Bedrooms are the perfect space for a neutral colour palette – something calm and relaxing without it being boring.

Choose neutral tones for large bedroom pieces like the bedding, carpeting, window treatments, ottomans and the like. Find interesting fabrics like bedcovers or ottoman slipcovers with African-inspired patterns.

Take it up a notch and opt for linen with gold or metallic finishes for a fresh, unexpected and sophisticated look.

If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, you can make your own headboard, be it plain wood or an upholstered version.

Go for the uncluttered look

Use a transparent acrylic bedside table for that 'invisible', uncluttered look.

Transparent acrylic is an unexpected choice for a bedroom, but it makes the space feel chic and fun, despite being mostly neutral.

Add textured floor coverings

If you’re looking for floor coverings to complement your spring themed bedroom, why not try a woven flax rug. This type of rug adds plenty of texture and gives the room that coastal touch.

Pick a neutral coloured rug – neutrals tend to tie in well with the colours in your curtains and fabrics.

Use interesting extra storage

Add extra storage like a pair of upholstered ottomans. These can also be used as extra seating or side tables.

Choose ottomans that complement the bedroom's existing colour. For instance, you could opt for ottomans with a sandy elephant print fabric to complete the look.

If you’re handy with tools, making an upholstered storage ottoman for a bedroom shouldn't take you more than an hour to complete, and you can shop around for the best fabrics for the room setting.

Add colourful finishing touches

Introduce a splash of colour into a neutral bedroom using small accessories. Using colourful embellishments like cushions, vases, books with bold covers, lamps, etc. means you don’t have to commit to big changes. It also allows you to take risks and experiment with various colour choices.

If you’re looking for unconventional spring colour choices, try a slightly bolder option like indigo accents. Pair patterned bed linen with indigo accessories like framing cross sections of blue agate. You can create a picture gallery of these above the bed.

These sliced pieces create texture and dimension, and can be used to tie all the indigo accessories together.

Alternatively, you can use rope or burlap wire accents. They’re easy enough to make and are the perfect accent for a sunny bedroom.


Article from property24