6 kitchen trends to look out for in 2017

6 kitchen trends to look out for in 2017

A kitchen revamp can add major value to your property for sale. These are the crucial trends you need to know about if you’re planning a kitchen renovation.

A kitchen remodel is arguably the single most expensive room makeover in a home, but can also be the most cost-effective revamp if you’re planning on putting your home onto the market. And while most kitchen changes do require relatively major work, the good news is there are a few one can blend in to an existing kitchen to help with a face lift without extensive renovation. Here are six important new trends to love, leave or weave in.


1. Colourful Appliances

This is an easy one. Sparked by vibrant colour offerings from the likes of Smeg and KitchenAid, a colourful statement appliance can steal the show against plain cabinetry in many a kitchen. A cost effective way of making an impression, if you choose wisely you can not only give your kitchen a unique twist but keep the appliance too.

2. Inky Black

While white on white kitchens have been the common preference for years, designers are getting increasing requests for black. For those who can’t make an entire transition, the tuxedo kitchen is a do-able option (usually white on top and black or gray underneath – give swoon worthy matt finishes a try) but for those who can, the inky back look is bold, sleek and very sophisticated. Black stainless steel is rapidly taking the place of traditional stainless steel in kitchens, sculleries and laundry rooms, and matching black appliances are becoming increasing easy to come by. Black faucets and light fixtures are equally on trend as are bold black factory doors and windows that look fabulous throughout the home and frame outdoor greenery beautifully too. Accented effectively with almost any colour, black offers home owners loads of versatility while looking uber dazzling, the details however can make or break this look, so pay attention to the subtleties.

3. Wallpapered Backsplashes

Providing much more texture and interest that a traditional paint, wallpaper is rapidly becoming the new feature backsplash. Safely tucked behind glass, it won’t get dusty either and is easy to wipe clean.

4. Generous Wine Fridges

Long tucked under countertops, the wine fridge has grown up and is taking centre stage. This year and next expect to see large spacious wine fridges brimming with bottles and hiding for no-one. From bright white to matt black to clear glass cabinetry is chic, contemporary and appealing for home entertainers big and small.

5. Glass Walls

A contemporary solution that embraces nature eliminates indoor-outdoor boundaries and is space-wise, glass walls, and large open windows are increasingly being built into new and existing kitchens. Choices include sliding and folding glass doors, windows and walls, as well as fixed walls with and without window treatments.

6. Punchy Tiles

While the traditional tile is having a bit of a yawn-break, punchy, eclectic, mixed tiles are taking the limelight. Homeowners are using tiles - new and old, patterned and mismatched - as standalone features in floor, countertop or wall areas.


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