4 tips to jazz up your balcony for summer

4 tips to jazz up your balcony for summer

In today’s high-rise urban environments, there’s an ever-increasing focus on balcony living.

Despite space limitations, a balcony still gives you the option to create an outdoor living room that best suits your lifestyle. With a few smart design ideas and quality outdoor furniture, you can transform it into an outdoor lounge, kitchen, chill room, dining room or playroom.

Mobelli Outdoor Furniture shares tips on how to make the most of your balcony…

1. Be space savvy

Choose compact, versatile and convertible furniture pieces that are designed to help you get more out of a limited space.

For instance, the wicker cubic dining table provides a spacious table top that stores four tub chairs, which in turn conceal four ottomans. These adaptable pieces enable you to quickly and easily change your balcony layout into a trendy outdoor dining, party or chill room for eight.

2. Choose illuminating furniture

Nowadays, there are modular outdoor furniture options that provide remote-controlled lighting so that you can enjoy the warm summer nights outdoors.

Not only can these furniture items be used as side tables, extra seating or stacked coffee tables, but you can also control and change the units’ colours using a remote to create different moods.

3. Claim the best spot

If you’re looking forward to a bit of ‘me time’, why not curl up with a good book in a comfortable hanging chair like the Luna Pod? This chair can serve as a balcony feature and is made from aluminium and a rich-coloured layered wicker. It comes with a deep-buttoned plush seat cushion that provides that finishing touch for optimal comfort and flair.

If lounging is more your style, opt for an outdoor chair that can be transformed into a mini lounger with a touch of a finger.

4. Go green

High density apartment living doesn’t have to be bleak. If you’re worried that your fingers aren’t green enough, consider self-watering pots. Nowadays, homeowners can get planters with a sub-irrigation system that ensures optimal water supply, and the need to be maintained for up to 12 weeks.

With a range of sizes and trendy designs, you can think more expansively than just the traditional pot plant. There are many species of trees that grow well in pots, and you can choose upright, space-saving species such as palms and the indigenous cabbage trees of the genus Cussonia.

If you’re a keen cook and your entertaining is often centred around preparing, sharing and enjoying freshly-prepared foods, consider contemporary planters for fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Strawberries, chillies, tomatoes, peppers, rocket, lettuce and chives all thrive as container plants.


Article from property24