16 ways you can use mirrors to brilliant effect

16 ways you can use mirrors to brilliant effect

Check out our top tips on using mirrors to reflect your unique sense of style.

Bright, reflective, sophisticated, stylish, mirrors are a great decorating tool that add light, a sense of space and depth wherever they are placed and can be used in surprising ways throughout the home. Not only can they reflect and emphasize views, colours from art or adjacent walls and create special effects, they can also add a sense of opulence.

  • Use a large mirror, a collection of mirrors or even mirror tiles on any wall to make a room look bigger. Think big – you won’t regret it.
  • Use a mirror opposite a window for extra light.
  • Use a bold and striking mirror as a focal point in any room.
  • Use a mirror or a group of mirrors where there is no window to create the illusion of windows and light.
  • Use a single mirror or a collection of mirrors instead of a work of art in a hallway, above a couch or as a headboard.
  • Use mirror on the ceiling to create a skylight effect and add height.
  • Use a mirror along the back of display shelves or bookcases for a whole new angle on the display.
  • Use a mirror in a pantry, along storage shelves, or even inside cupboards to reflect light, illuminate dark or deep shelving and give your groceries a fresh new look.
  • Use a mirror at the end of a passage to brighten the area and add drama.
  • Use a mirror as a backsplash in a kitchen or bathroom for brightness, depth of space and easy cleaning.
  • Use a mirror behind a bath tub for a much bigger bathroom and a sense of quiet luxury.
  • Use a single mirror or mirror tile behind candles or lamps to create more illumination.
  • Use an oversize mirror in an entrance hall. It creates a sense of space and is a great last-minute check point before you leave the house.
  • Use a cut-to-fit mirror on top of an old worn-out table for a stylish and glamorous look.
  • Use a mirror or mirror tile as a placemat on a table. Try it outdoors and enjoy the reflection of surrounding vegetation.
  • Use a mirror on a garden wall to double the size of your lawn or create an unexpected doorway or try one on pool wall to add a whole new dimension to your outdoor space – it will weather into a softer look over time.

Choose mirrors that work with the style of your decor. You can find anything from antique gold-leaf frames to raw wood to country wicker to modern metallics.

A grouping of different sized or shaped mirrors will create an informal, eclectic feeling. A series of identical mirrors will create a more formal feel.

Consider using mirrors that are moveable. That way you can move them when you want a change.

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