Holiday Property To Let

KwaZulu Natal


Vacation Property

Just Property has a diverse rental management team working nationwide and particularly near all of South Africa’s main holiday destinations. We specialise in the management of fully furnished short‐term rental properties and holiday properties to let.

Holiday Accommodation

Our holiday accommodation portfolio contains a wide variety of rental options country‐wide on behalf of the owners. We operate on strict predetermined regulations to ensure successful and hassle free management. The owners will be fully informed of all situations of their property and will have a clear record of all current and future occupations.
Whether you are in town for a family vacation or a corporate business trip, our short term rental team will professionally suggest the most comfortable and convenient location. Our dense foot print ensures that we will always have the best option in any area you require.
Just Property provides a wide spectre of multi hospitality services to our clients including housekeeping, maintenance, and cleaning. Our guests can have all the freedom and comfort of home‐living, but at the same time also enjoy the benefits and convenience of staying at a hotel.