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Our vision is to use our experience, coupled with creative and innovative solutions, to become the largest integrated Property Service Company in Southern Africa.

Our Mission

Our mission is to excel in our core business and exceed our customers’ expectations by committing to shared corporate values and achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with a strong emphasis on the creation of value. In this way we will ensure that our profit, quality and growth goals are met.

Our Values

As an organisation, we take great pride in our contribution to the prosperity of our beautiful country - South Africa. We believe in free enterprise and regard profit as a measure of long- term success. We insist on the highest ethical standards and conduct our business with due regard to the communities and environment in which we operate.

Area Profile

Rietondale is situated in the area known as the Moot, north of central Pretoria. It is bordered by Meintjieskop to the south, Skurweberg or Vlakkopies to the north, the Government Experimental Farm to the east and Kieser Street to the west. The valley of Rietondale was once a vlei towards the western boundary. A beautiful stream bordered by white sand is remembered by Mrs. Nora Boschoff, and it is from this that Riviera, after the French Riviera, west of Rietondale was named. The Rietondale Primary School also has an excellent reputation which draws buyers wanting to reside in the allowed ‘feeder area’. Rietondale is close to a number of excellent primary, secondary and tertiary education institutions. It also offers easy access to the city centre, and numerous shopping centers. Rietondale Park is the largest in Pretoria and is actively used for sporting activities and by the local residents. The Title Deeds of the properties in Rietondale contain an unusual condition stating that the public park of Rietondale is for the benefit of the owners of the lots in the township of Rietondale, and the general public. There are two other conditions in the title deed, one concerning the width of certain roads and the other concerning restriction on the manufacture of bricks and the sale of bricks and sand in the suburb.

This unique area has also received an injection of energy from the Department of Foreign Affairs with their showcase building now under construction. Although change is always difficult and brings new challenges it is hoped that long time Rietondalers will welcome future new residents and share with them the special lifestyle that Rietondale offers.

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